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Saguaro Corners

3750 S Old Spanish Trail
Tucson, AZ 85730
(520) 886-2020
Five Stars
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Saguaro Corners is one of Tucson's oldest dining establishments, still going strong since opening back in 1956. Being one of the only restaurants within close proximity to Saguaro National Park East, it continues to be a popular dining choice for those visiting one of the country's most majestic national parks.

  • Saguaro Corners Restaurant Preview
  • Saguaro Corners Restaurant Preview
  • Saguaro Corners Restaurant Preview
  • Saguaro Corners Restaurant Preview
  • Saguaro Corners Restaurant Preview


Saguaro Corners offers a basic comfort food style menu with lots of carb heavy choices to refuel your muscles after exploring the trails at Saguaro National Park. Their mac and cheese is excellent - a real treat after an intense hike. And, if you are craving something a bit healthier, there are plenty of filling salads on the menu including a veggie loaded Quinoa Kale option.

Other menu options include a variety of sandwiches, burgers, tacos, and plenty of tasty appetizers. We treated ourselves to a huge plate of homemade fries, which were well worth the calorie splurge, not to mention a great way to replace some lost electrolytes. We also tested out the Turkey Melt, which was served alongside homemade fries or potato salad. This is a great choice for those avoiding red meat.

Unfortunately, Saguaro Corners does not currently serve breakfast, a real shame as this would be a great place to enjoy a quick breakfast before hitting the park.


Servers are friendly enough, although not as personable as you would expect at a family style restaurant.


The ambiance inside the restaurant is extremely laid-back. There really is not much in the way of decor, however, there are some nice views of the desert plants via the large windows, so try to get a window seat, if possible. You might just see a javelina cross your path!

The casual vibe means you can come in right off the trail in your workout gear - no need to go home and change, a major plus as you will be craving some food after working up a sweat in the hot desert sun.

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Final Remarks

Being located just a few minutes away from the entrance of the park, Saguaro Corners is the perfect place to fuel up or refuel after an exhausting day exploring the beautiful plant life found in the Sonoran desert. The casual setting and hearty menu choices make it the perfect choice after working up a sweat.

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