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P.F. Chang's China Bistro

391 S 8th Street
Boise, ID 83702
(208) 342-8100
Five Stars
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P.F. Chang's, the great American Chinese restaurant, offers a nice variety of menu options, huge portions, and great happy hour specials. The diverse menu includes a vegetarian and gluten free section - they are very allergen friendly! Sign up for the P.F. Chang’s Warrior card on their website to receive points for each meal.

I love this Boise location. It is in the downtown area and you can always find free street parking.


The menu includes all your standard offerings - dim sum, appetizers, sushi, delicious soups, specialty entrees, and even a few desserts.

We always start our meal with a big bowl of the Egg drop soup. It's delicious and beautifully presented. You also cannot go wrong with a serving or 2 of their delicious vegetarian spring rolls. The crispy green beans are also amazing - probably really unhealthy, but worthy of a splurge.

As far as entrees go, the vegetarian Fried Rice and Veggie Lo Mein are both excellent - Mike and I usually both order one and split the dishes. The portions are huge and big enough for 2 people to split.

A number of great lunch specials are offered from 11am-4pm (3 on weekends).


Our waiter on this particular visit was extremely nice. He brought out everything on time. We told him that we had to leave because we had a show to go to, and he very quickly brought over our check and wrapped our leftovers so we still made it on time.


This location in Boise is located in the downtown area, which I found a bit odd, since this chain is usually located near a suburban mall. However, it was a nice change of setting as we got to stroll around downtown Boise before our meal.

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Final Remarks

While I mostly frequent local Chinese establishments, I enjoy going to P.F. Chang’s on occasion. I would definitely visit the Boise location again, mainly due to the friendly service and unique downtown location.

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