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Seis Kitchen

130 South Avenida del Convento #100,
Tucson, AZ 85745
(520) 622-2002
Five Stars
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Seis Kitchen, located in the beautiful Mercado San Agustin market near downtown Tucson, is the place to go for tasty, authentic, affordable Mexican cuisine in Tucson. Featuring cuisine from 6 different regions of Mexico, a beautiful shady courtyard with plenty of trees, and a convenient location nearby most attractions, a trip to Seis is one of the must-do's while visiting Tucson.

  • Seis Kitchen Restaurant Preview
  • Seis Kitchen Restaurant Preview


Seis features cuisine from several areas of Mexico including Oxaca, Northern Mexico, Baja, Mexico City, Yucatan, and Western Mexico, hence the name seis which translates to 6 in Mexico. The menu is very diverse with options for everyone, even vegetarians and vegans.

The Mexican cuisine at Seis is about as fresh as it gets. They make their own tortillas by hand and they are incredible. All items are made in-house using fresh and local ingredients. This place is very popular, rightfully so, and a line begins to form right at opening. I recommend getting here a little before 8 so you do not have to wait in a long line.

A wide assortment of tacos, Mexico City style quesadillas, Tortas, burritos, and a variety of appetizers comprise the menu. Breakfast includes an assortment of breakfast tacos, burritos, and tortas.

Breakfast is definitely the best time to visit. The atmosphere is super relaxing and laid-back at this time, plus the weather is much cooler during the summer season. If you plan on getting up early to hike or cycle, Seis is the perfect place to fill up before your ride or refuel after your activity. It's a great meeting place in Tucson.

The breakfast burritos and tacos are both wonderful. The Chile Verde con Papas Tacos (Scrambled eggs, crispy potatoes, roasted green chiles, sour cream, cheese, cilantro) are the best I've ever had. Tacos are served with the most delicious homemade breakfast potatoes ever.

If you enjoy a good cup of coffee with your meal, you are in luck as a wonderful local roaster called Presta is located within the same courtyard.


There is often a lengthy wait to get your food at Seis because it is so popular. Don't worry the wait is well worth it! To pass the time, pick up a delicious cup of coffee at Presta or a homemade Mexican pastry from one of the 2 on-site bakeries.


The ambiance at Seis is just perfect. It's just a small place where you order at the counter but it is located within the Mercado San Agustin, a beautiful outdoor market with a courtyard, which is home to numerous restaurants, bakeries, and shops. There are lots of trees, and thus, it can be enjoyed year-round even on hot summer mornings. At night, the courtyard is lit up and there is often live entertainment on the schedule.

Overall, Seis is the best place for breakfast and coffee in Tucson. It's the best place in town to meet up with friends and family or various fitness groups. You will see all sorts of running and cycling groups meeting up here in the mornings as it's just the perfect place to refuel after a hefty morning of exercise. The fantastic Tumanoc Hill hike, a steep climb to a scenic overlook of the city and desert, is located just a short drive away.

The vibe at Mercado is casual and relaxed so you can come in right after a workout with your fitness clothes still on without feeling weird - plenty of others will be doing the same! This is the place to kick back with a great breakfast and cup of coffee or 2 without feeling rushed.

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Final Remarks

Seis Mexican Kitchen is the best place for breakfast in Tucson. The food and ambiance are both wonderful and it's on the way to many of the great hiking trails and attractions in the area. Treat yourself to some authentic Mexican fare in a wonderful setting - it's one of the must-do's on any Tucson vacation!

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