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The Melting Pot

200 N 6th St
Boise, ID 83702
(208) 343-8800
Five Stars
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The Melting Pot is an upscale restaurant chain which serves courses fondue style. This was my first visit to the restaurant and it was a pleasant surprise.

The Melting Pot in Boise is conveniently located in the downtown area with easy access to other activities in the area. I was also able to find free street parking. Before going, I signed up for their email list and they sent me a coupon for a free dessert fondue for my birthday. This took about $16 off the pricey bill.


With the four course classic you get to pick a cheese fondue, an entrée which includes choice of house or Caesar salad, and a dessert fondue. We ordered the cheddar cheese fondue which included apples, vegetables, and bread to dip in the cheese.

The portions are small but everything tastes great. We got the Caesar salad option with the entrée; the salads were not the highlight of the night. For my entrée, I ordered the Vegetarian, which included a combination of tofu, portabella mushrooms, artichoke, and ravioli. It was really good!

Update: As of 2023, a new vegetarian entree called The Garden Plot is available. This meal includes Impossible™ Polpettes, zucchini, mini sweet peppers, red onion, wild mushroom ravioli, and artichoke hearts to be cooked in your choice of broth.

Mike ordered a fish trio, which included shrimp, tuna, and salmon, and said it was great as well. The best part is you get to cook the entrees yourself in the fondue pot. The waitress will give you a timer. This was really fun and different.

The dessert fondue was also great. We ordered the dark chocolate option that came with small pieces of cheesecake, marshmallows, bananas, pound cake, rice Krispy treats and a few strawberries. I like that the desserts are small and varied so you can taste a wide variety of treats.

Update: As of 2023, Melting now offers vegan choices including a 4 course meal featuring a vegan cheese based fondue and a dark chocolate fondue served with vegan treats.


Our waitress was very nice. We had a good conversation with her while she was mixing up our cheese and dessert fondue. I really felt like our waitress wanted us to have a good time.


The restaurant is dimly lit with private high booths, making it a great date night out choice. In the middle of the table is a burner to cook the fondue. It was a fun experience to be able to cook our entrée together.

The waitress does come over to cook the cheese and dessert fondue for you at the table, but the entrée is up to you. This was definitely a fun experience that I would like to try again.

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Final Remarks

I would definitely recommend The Melting Pot and especially the Boise location. The waitress was friendly at this location and it was not very crowded. We got a seat right away without a reservation. The manager stopped over and was friendly as well.

The food was pricey, but well worth it in my opinion for the unique atmosphere. The portions are small, but you get four courses, so you will not leave hungry. I would definitely visit The Melting Pot in Boise again.

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