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Caffe Luce

245 E Congress St
Tucson, AZ 85701
(520) 623-4477
Five Stars
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Cafe Luce is a popular local Tucson coffeeshop with 3 locations around the city. This review is for the downtown location. Although the atmosphere here is pretty cool, the bland coffee and rude service make it a definite skip, especially when there are 2 fantastic local coffee companies nearby, Cartel and Exo Roast, both of which offer tastier coffee and friendlier service.

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Cafe Luce uses 100% Arabic beans for all their signature blends. They also offer some organic varieties. Perhaps we visited on an off day, however, the coffee was very weak and void of any flavor. An Americano at a coffee shop should taste better than that of which I can make at home in a cheap countertop espresso machine! I prefer a rich tasting coffee over a water downed drink. Adding in really bad service, it just was not a good experience.


Service at Caffe Luce was the worst amongst the many coffee houses we have visited in Arizona. The barista was rude and acted as if it was an inconvenience that she simply had to service any customers.


The vibe at Cafe Luce is pretty cool with a loft style design and a hip modern decor. It's a nice place to people watch as there are big windows which overlook the downtown area. It seems to be popular with the college crowd as the seating area is pretty spacious, allowing plenty of room to study or socialize.

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Final Remarks

Although the vibe of Caffe Luce is pretty eclectic and cool, the coffee and service were just too mediocre to warrant another visit. There are many better coffee shops in Tucson, including 2 fantastic local choices right downtown. Save your money and head over to Cartel or Exo Roast where you will be treated with both better service and coffee in exchange for your hard earned money.