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Big Jud's

1370 Highway 20
Ashton, ID 83420
(208) 652-7806
Five Stars
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Mike and I decided to stop in Big Jud's restaurant on our way out to Harriman State Park, as it was one of the few restaurants in the area and we did not want fast food. After dining here, we would have gladly taken the fast food.

Big Jud's is a burger restaurant known for their gigantic 1 lb hamburger. Being a vegetarian this wouldn't be my first choice, however, it was conveniently located on our route.


The food at Big Jud's was bad. I ordered a grilled cheese and side of fries. The fries were cold and soft. I was never asked by the "waitress" if I wanted wheat or white bread, so unfortunately my sandwich came out with white bread. Usually it is customary for the waitress to ask what type of bread you want, and unfortunately, I did not think of asking myself until after I received my meal.


There was a sign that said to “Seat Yourself.” We sat down for over 20 minutes and no waiter acknowledged us. I was so frustrated that I finally went up to the cashier and asked if we could have menus and a waiter. She said she only had one menu that we could split for now and that she would bring another over to our table.

She never brought the other menu, so we had to share one. Still, no waiter came over and no one brought us any water. I had to go up to the cashier and order the food myself! They still did not bring us our drinks until they came out with our food.

After the food came out, we did not see another waiter. We never received the check and once again had to go up and ask for it. Unbelievably bad service!


Big Jud's is connected to a gas station and has a video rental area in the corner, so it feels kind of grungy walking in. This was the dirtiest restaurant I have ever been in! The tables weren't clean.

The dining room was run down, filthy, and outdated. The carpeting looked like it had never been cleaned. I would have left but I was already short on time and needed something to eat before heading over to Harriman for an event.

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Final Remarks

This restaurant is in major need of a cleaning and new wait staff. I definitely will never be going back. Unless you are a huge fan of burgers and want a $14 1 pound hamburger, there is no reason to visit Big Jud's.

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