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Cashew Cow

16 S Eastbourne Ave
Tucson, AZ 85716
(520) 344-2269
Five Stars
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Although Tucson is overflowing with all sorts of ice cream, gelato, smoothie, frozen yogurt, and raspado shops, only one offers such an extensive selection of dairy free options. Vegans and those avoiding dairy do not have to feel left out as they pass one ice cream shop after another.

While most of these shops typically offer at least one dairy free flavor, every flavor at Cashew Cow is completely free of dairy, yet still maintains that creamy goodness which we all love about ice cream.Cashews surprisingly provide a good consistency for ice cream and even those who love a real scoop of ice cream will agree that Cashew Cow comes pretty darn close to the real thing.

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Cashew Cow's ice cream is made up entirely of cashews. It's pretty crazy to think how we can take something like a nut and turn it into ice cream! The resulting flavor is smooth and creamy just like the real deal.

Cashew Cow offers about 10 rotating flavors, although nothing as fancy as some of the gelato shops. The pricing is high, although comparable to other ice cream shops in Tucson. We tried samples of a variety of flavors and settled with the chocolate, which was rich and delicious, although not as good as the Dark Chocolate gelato at Frost. We also tried a Mint Chocolate Chip, which was also tasty.

Unfortunately, the chocolate chip cookie dough has never been on the line during our visits, which probably would have been my selection. It would have been nice to have seen some waffle cones, sundaes, floats, etc as opposed to standard ice cream in a cup. The experience was a bit boring, and in my opinion, not worth a special detour.


The service at Cashew Cow definitely needs improvement. Whereas most ice cream shops are staffed with peppy employees asking if you would like to try any samples, the service at Cashew Cow is not particularly friendly. This really puts a damper on the fun treating yourself to an ice cream out experience. We were never offered any samples, and when we asked, it seemed as if it was a big inconvenience to the employee. In fact, the employees seem irritated and annoyed that they have to greet you and get off their phones to do so!

After visiting several other dairy free shops across the country, I can say that Cashew Cow definitely has the unfriendliest service of the bunch, by far. Despite serving tasty ice cream, the bad service just creates an overall negative vibe, and I would not recommend visiting unless you have to eat dairy free.


The setting is bright and cheerful, although the same can not be said for the service. Cashew Cow is one of the few ice cream shops we have ever been to where we felt uncomfortable eating inside due to the surly attitude of the employees.

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Final Remarks

Cashew Cow is a decent choice for those seeking dairy free treats as they offer the biggest selection in Tucson. However, due to the unfriendly service, I would not recommend going out of your way if you do not require dairy free products. There are plenty of fantastic gelato shops around Tucson where you can treat yourself to a tasty treat while enjoying a more diverse selection of flavors and also great service.

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