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Red Chopstick

65 Bell Rock Plaza
Sedona, AZ 86351
(928) 284-9088
Five Stars
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Red Chopstick is your best bet for quality Chinese food in the Sedona area. Unfortunately, the Northern Arizona region is not exactly a hotspot for authentic Chinese cuisine.

Red Chopstick pleases with quality food, great lunch specials, excellent service, and a quiet location in the Village of Oak Creek, far away from the tourist congestion. If you are seeking a quick, affordable lunch out this way (near a trail like Little Horse), then Red Chopstick is definitely a nice pick.

  • Red Chopstick Restaurant Preview
  • Red Chopstick Restaurant Preview
  • Red Chopstick Restaurant Preview


Red Chopstick offers your basic Chinese menu with all the regular selections. The best time to visit is during lunch hours (11-3), where you will be able to select amongst a number of special lunch sized entrees. Each lunch combination dish includes an entree, chicken wonton, eggroll, and soup for just 7-10 bucks. It's one of the better lunch deals in this pricey tourist area. Update: As of 2023, lunch specials run $13-14.

We tested out the Buddha's Feast and Kung Pao Chicken. Both were decent, not the best Chinese food ever, but adequate considering the cheap price tag. The fried rice was a bit bland, however, much better with soy sauce. The egg drop and hot and sour soups were both delicious. Egg rolls were delicious, while the wontons were dried out and sort of bland.

Overall, the food at Red Chopstick was much better than other Chinese restaurants we tested out in the Sedona area.


Service was excellent. We were the only people in the entire restaurant, so we got the devoted attention from our waitress. She was very friendly and exuberant, which added to the pleasant dining experience.


The setting at Red Chopstick is quaint and relaxing. Be sure to grab a window seat so you can gaze out at the red rocks, probably the only time you will ever get to take in such a great view at a Chinese restaurant!

The dining area is nicely decorated with traditional Chinese decor. It's quiet with typically no wait during the afternoon hours. It's the perfect place if you want to avoid the Uptown and Tlaquepaque crowds.

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Final Remarks

Red Chopstick is a nice affordable lunch choice in Sedona. If you are craving authentic Chinese food, it's a much better choice than any of the other options in town. The restaurant is conveniently located nearby area hikes like Little Horse & Bell Rock, and therefore, is a perfect place to fill up before embarking on your journey through the Sedona red rock wilderness.

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