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Randall House

3821 AZ-87
Pine, AZ 85544
(928) 476-4077
Five Stars
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Randall House is a cute little restaurant located in the tiny North Central Arizona community of Pine. Despite the cozy home style setting in a historic house and decent food, the high pricing and non availability of several listed menu items would make me skip out on this place on my next roadtrip through the area.

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  • Randall House Restaurant Preview
  • Randall House Restaurant Preview
  • Randall House Restaurant Preview


The menu at Randall House consists of American favorites like sandwiches & salads, along with a rather large breakfast menu that is served all day on Saturday. We would have liked to test out the homemade Quiche, unfortunately it was unavailable.

To add to the disappointment, Randall House advertises itself as one of the region's only espresso shops, yet we could not order any drinks. Unfortunately, the espresso machine was broken. In my opinion, a restaurant that gets this much business should easily be able to fix an espresso machine. And if you cannot fix it, please take the espresso drinks off your menu as customers are counting on it! The house coffee was bland and weak, and we opted out of any free refills.

The Vegetable Scramble, which was a basic breakfast dish consisting of veggies, scrambled eggs, cheese, and potatoes all mixed together, was pretty good, although for $9 way overpriced for the area. Also, the dish only included one slice of toast! While the food was good, it was not a particularly good value, especially for a tiny town where pricing is typically much more affordable. Update: As of 2023, the scramble is now priced at $10.50.


Service at Randall House was pretty decent. It was quite a wait to get the food on a busy Saturday morning, however, you cannot really complain when you are being served home cooked meals as opposed to pre-made frozen. Hiring a few more employees to handle the crowds would be a wise idea for the future.

I was a bit surprised that in this day and age that they only accepted cash. The menu is quite expensive for being a cash only business. Most customers will be expecting credit cards to be accepted and may not have this much cash on hand.


Randall House is a cozy little place, being that it housed in a log cabin that was originally built in 1881. Although most of the place has been remodeled (except for the original entryway), it still has a historic charm that you do not find too often in Arizona.

Both indoor and outdoor seating are available. While the indoor dining area is cozy, sitting outside in the beautifully landscaped garden patio is a must during the warmer season. You will find lots of beautiful trees and a huge pine, which will be especially nice if you are coming from a warmer climate like Phoenix or Tucson.

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Final Remarks

The Randall House is an okay choice if you happen to be passing through Pine on the way to the beautiful Tonto National Forest. If you are seeking a basic American meal in a quiet, cozy setting and do not mind paying a lot for it, then Randall House should please. Now if they could only lower their menu prices and fix that espresso machine!

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