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203 W Phoenix Avenue
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928) 774-3242
Five Stars
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Pizzicletta is a popular downtown Flagstaff pizzeria which has won numerous awards over the years. One night when Fratellis was closed, we decided to walk across the street and check it out to see what all the fuss was about.

Unfortunately, we were incredibly let down due to the poor service, incredibly small & cramped setting, & less than spectacular pizza. We were shocked by how tasteless and doughy the pizzas were, not to mention how overpriced they were for the small serving size.

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  • Pizzicletta Food Preview
  • Pizzicletta Food Preview


This small wood-fired oven pizzeria features an oven that was built in Italy and cooks Neapolitan-style pizzas cook in just 90 seconds. The menu is surprisingly small, with a very limited number of pizza options.

On a positive note, Pizzicletta uses organic produce and dairy. Their dough is naturally leavened with no commercial yeast, meaning it is much easier to digest. Now if only they could make great tasting healthy pizza!

The pizzas are pretty small, and definitely only large enough for 1 person (maybe 2 if the 2 people splitting the pizza have an incredibly small appetite). To be honest, the pizza served more as a small appetizer rather than a meal, and we had to go home and eat after paying $30+ for 2 pizzas!

We tried the Margherita and marinara pizza, both of which were mediocre - nothing to write home about. In fact, they were a bit bland with absolutely no taste in the dough. And both pizzas were burnt around the crust with a horrible burnt aftertaste. The marinara pizza barely had any marinara and the basil was completely dried out.

A simple Margherita pizza will set you back $13 - not worth it in my opinion, for a pizza without much flavor. The homemade focaccia bread as a starter was much better than the pizza.

The homemade gelato, with assorting flavors each day, is supposed to be really good. However, we really just wanted to get out of the cramped setting and were tired of the poor service, so we decided to leave without trying.


Service was simply put, horrible. Our drinks were not refilled once and no one even bothered to ask if we liked our meal. Talk about bad service for a restaurant that has won so many awards. Staff seemed rushed, unfriendly, and totally disinterested in whether or not customers enjoyed the meal.


The space for dining inside Pizzicletta is extremely limited. There basically is one long table and it feels like you are dining in a cafeteria. I'm not really a fan of everyone overhearing my conversations, so the setup didn't really work for me. Also, the music was too loud.

Pizzicletta is a pizza restaurant trying to be fancy, which really just doesn't work in my book. The employees seemed more interested in presenting the wine drinks, then serving guests ordering pizza. They should focus less on trying to be trendy, and more on serving their customers who are paying for their small, overpriced pizzas. At least give your customers some service for the inflated price!

Overall, Pizzicletta has one of the worst setups I've seen in a restaurant. It's over cramped, noisy, and there is absolutely no privacy. There is a difference between cozy and cramped!

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Final Remarks

Unfortunately, Pizzicletta has been one of my least favorite restaurant experiences in the Northern Arizona region. Pizzicletta is definitely a skip - there are better restaurants to check out in the Flagstaff and Sedona area, and it just isn't worth wasting your time on mediocre pizza combined with bad service. In my opinion, getting pizza out should be a fun & happy comfort food experience, rather than a stiff, hurried, cramped one.

Unfortunately, Flagstaff lacks many quality options for pizza. However, the few choices available are all better. Fratellis, Picazzos, & Fat Olives all serve much tastier pizza, in a nicer setting, and at a better price than Pizzicletta.

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