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Lux Central

4402 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85012
(602) 327-1396
Five Stars
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Lux Central is one of the most well regarded coffee shops in the Phoenix area. However, after visiting and experiencing the rushed service, extremely crowded & noisy setting, & below average espresso drinks, I would have to disagree. Unfortunately, this is just one of many places that proves that popularity does not always mean a good business.

  • Lux Central Food Preview
  • Lux Central Food Preview


After testing out several espresso drinks at Lux (an Americano and an almond milk mocha), I have to say we were very disappointed. The mocha had a horrible fake sugar taste and the Americano was burnt tasting with absolutely no crema layer on top. The quality of the drinks was inferior to those we have tried in other area coffee houses like Cartel and Altitude.

After waiting in line for over 15 minutes and putting up with noisy crowds and a lack of available seating, I have to say we were quite irritated and would never return.

Aside from espresso drinks, Lux offers a tempting display of pastry treats, and small breakfast, lunch, & dinner entrees. Unfortunately, we were much too rushed to decide on any food.


Service was horrible. Baristas were rushed, unfriendly, and impatient. It was so busy that there was literally no time to look at the pastry case or browse the menu.

We overheard someone asking for a menu to which the employee responded "It's just your basic coffee menu." Definitely not the best of service here - look elsewhere if you appreciate professional, friendly service.


Lux was so busy that there was a line going outside the door. The wait was at least 15 minutes and the baristas took customers orders while waiting in line. The whole experienced felt so rushed & impersonal, definitely not what I look for in a coffeehouse eperience. Felt more like a busy chain than an indepdent coffee house.

The actual seating area is pretty spacious with cozy couches and lots of antique decor, however, there was absolutely no seating available. To top it off the combination of really loud music and even louder chattering lead to a really overly nosiy setting.

There is a very small patio outside, unfortunately there is no landscaping, little shade, and the most uncomfortable seating ever. They need to invest in some landscaping and perhaps a few misters for the hot summer months.

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Final Remarks

Lux is definitely a skip when visiting the Phoenix area. There are many other individual coffee houses where you will receive better service, enjoy a more relaxed, attractive setting, not to mention actually be able to find a seat to enjoy your drink!

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