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August Moon Chinese Restaurant

1300 S Milton Rd #111
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928) 774-5280
Five Stars
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When it comes to Chinese food, Flagstaff does not offer much of a selection, let alone any decent options. After trying a handful of sup-par Chinese restaurants, I would say August Moon probably offers the best bang for your buck.

While the food is far from spectacular, it's an okay choice out of the limited options available, solely due to the fact that the lunch specials are just $6 per person. In short, if you are craving a budget-friendly, quick, Chinese lunch, August Moon is probably your best bet in town.

  • August Moon Chinese Restaurant Food Preview
  • August Moon Chinese Restaurant Food Preview
  • August Moon Chinese Restaurant Food Preview
  • August Moon Chinese Restaurant Food Preview


One of the many advantages of visiting August Moon is that they do not use MSG in any of their dishes. As numerous people have reactions to the MSG commonly used in Chinese cuisine, it's nice to know that they use natural flavors as a more health conscious alternative.

The only reason to visit August Moon is to take advantage of their lunch specials, offered everyday from 11am-3:30pm. This special deal includes your choice of soup (wonton, hot/sour, or eggflower), fried or white rice, and your choice amongst a diverse selection of entrees.

We tried the Chicken Chow Mein and the Mixed Vegetable Deluxe as our entrees, the fried rice, and the eggflower soup. The Mixed vegetables were a bit drenched in sauce, while the Chicken Chow Mein was decent. The soup was good. The rice could have used a bit more flavoring.

While it was far from the best Chinese food, it was tolerable enough for a cheap lunch under 15 bucks. We were hungry after a long hike, so it was a good choice to refuel our muscles. However, never would I pay any more than that for the mediocre food.


Service was just okay, a bit disorganized and slow. Our waitress had to check back with the kitchen staff on several questions we had regarding ingredients.


August Moon is located in a tiny strip mall off Milton Road. The restaurant does not look very appealing from the outside, and unfortunately, it does not get much better inside. The atmosphere is a bit dingy and dark with no decor to speak of aside from a few Neon beer signs.

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Final Remarks

August Moon might be worthy of your time if you are simply looking for a cheap lunch and craving basic Chinese food as the food is basically the same quality as the more pricey Chinese options in town.

I would never recommend going out of your way for the mediocre food and bland setting, however, if you are right in the area (say getting your tire fixed at Discount Tire with some time to spar), then it might do.

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