Restaurant Reivew

Hollywood Palms Cinema and Restaurant

352 S Rt 59
Naperville, IL 60540
Five Stars
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Hollywood Palms is an integrated movie and dinner theater located in Naperville, Illinois. This review is just for the restaurant.


I was pleasantly impressed with the food. Everything on the menu has a quirky name which ties in which a movie either past or present. I ordered the Roger Rabbit vegetable wrap and the Oscar Fries (waffle fries with cheese): yum! Most of the items on the menu are your typical pub fare. Many different alcoholic drinks and desserts are also offered. Price Menu


The waiter took our order about 10 minutes prior to the movie and everything came out before the movie or shortly after the start. Service was good especially considering the situation: trying to walk in the dark and serve people in a theater.


This is a really unique atmosphere consisting of being served food and watching a movie at the same time. Tickets here are only $8 and $6 for matinees, so it is cheaper than a regular theater. They have cool swivel computer type chairs to sit on, which I found more comfortable that typical movie theater seating. The décor which consists of old Hollywood pictures is neat.

Final Remarks

I would definitely visit Hollywood Palms again because it is a complete night out in a single location. I think there should be more establishments like this one throughout the country.

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