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Taj Mahal Restaurant

124 N Montezuma Street
Prescott, AZ 86301
(928) 445-5752
Five Stars
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Taj Mahal is an Indian restaurant in downtown Prescott. I decided to try it out after hearing much positive feedback. After visiting the outstanding Delhi Palace in Flagstaff, I have to say that while the food was decent, I was disappointed in the service and pricing at Prescott's Taj Mahal Restaurant. The food is good but overpriced, the setting is cramped and noisy, and service is sorely lacking.

  • Taj Mahal Restaurant Restaurant Preview
  • Taj Mahal Restaurant Restaurant Preview


The entrees we ordered at Taj Mahal were extremely overpriced. I've never seen an Indian restaurant where you pay separately for rice - shouldn't that be included with the dish?

The Mixed Veggie Curry (mixed vegetables flavored with mild spices) was good, although not worth the hefty price tag. Paying extra for the rice and Naan bread which are typically always included left us with a sour impression. Never have I visited an Indian restaurant where you pay $3 extra for rice - what are you paying the $10-15 for the entree for then?

To top it off, our server forgot to put in our order for our Vegetable Pakoras. As we were on a time crunch, we did not appreciate the extra half hour wait. When they finally arrived they were cold, soggy, and bland.


Service was very poor. As mentioned above, our waiter forgot our appetizer. Everything came out extremely slow, we waited at least 10 minutes for our server to acknowledge us, and we had to wait forever for the bill. The staff needs a few lessons in customer service!


The setting at Taj Mahal is very noisy and cramped, so much so that it almost feels more like a bar than a restaurant. The live music was horrible - so loud that we could not even hold a conversation. Definitely not the mellow, classy experience I am used to at better Indian restaurants. The overall tone was just a bit depressing and dingy, just not a happy experience.

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Final Remarks

I would not recommend Taj Mahal to anyone visiting Prescott unless you are craving authentic Indian food. I am not sure how this restaurant has earned its' praise? Perhaps residents are used to the overpriced tourist traps found throughout these small Arizona towns.

Bottom line: if you want a great Indian meal with outstanding service, fresh, affordable, perfectly spiced dishes, and a peaceful atmosphere, drive the extra hour to Flagstaff and check out Delhi Palace.

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