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White Dove Coffee

2211 E 7th Avenue
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
(928) 774-3059
Five Stars
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White Dove is a quaint little coffee shop located in a quiet strip mall on the East side of Flagstaff. Being in the less touristy section of town, far away from the cluster and congestion of the chains on Milton and the overcrowded downtown area, White Dove comes in as a nice alternative choice for anyone seeking a more relaxed, local coffee house experience.

  • White Dove Coffee Restaurant Preview
  • White Dove Coffee Restaurant Preview
  • White Dove Coffee Restaurant Preview


We always order an Americano and an almond milk White Chocolate Mocha. Both are delicious, creamy and smooth with no burnt aftertaste. We also appreciated the fact that we did not need to request an extra espresso shot as the water/beans ratio was right on target, an extra cost of 50-75 cents at most coffee shops in the area.

Prices here are pretty moderate with 2 drinks costing us under 6 bucks. They also offer a frequent customers program where you will receive 1 drink free after purchasing 10.

In terms of food, White Dove offers a very small menu consisting of basic breakfast items like burritos, bagels, yogurt, and smoothies.


Service is pretty good at White Dove when compared with the mediocre service standard encountered around town. Baristas are friendlier in general and do not appear to be as overwhelmed due to the more relaxed atmosphere.


The service and setting at White Dove is much more cozy and relaxed that anything you would find at the downtown coffee shops. While you always feel rushed at these cramped, trendy shops, White Dove offers the advantage of a more spacious environment and fewer crowds.

There is a cozy little fireplace with relaxing chairs to sit by during the colder winter months. In addition, you will find comfy couches, board games, and books if you just want to hang out for a bit without feeling rushed. It's the perfect coffee house for those looking to linger for a bit rather than grab a coffee for the road.

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Final Remarks

Overall, I would say that White Dove is one of the top coffeehouses in Flagstaff. In a town overloaded with many mediocre coffeeshops, White Dove stands out as a local gem. A "rare for Flagstaff" relaxed atmosphere, friendly service, and great drinks at moderate prices would keep me coming back for more.

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