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Matador Coffee Roasting Company

203 S Milton Road
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928) 226-3354
Five Stars
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Matador Coffee, located along busy Rt 66 in Flagstaff, is one of the newest members of the ever expanding Flagstaff coffee scene. Although Matador has a convenient road stop location and a clean look, the drinks were just not impressive. In fact, they were pretty bad.

  • Matador Coffee Roasting Company Food Preview
  • Matador Coffee Roasting Company Food Preview


We had to force down both our Mocha and Americanos as they were too bland and burnt tasting. Coconut milk was the only non-dairy alternative for the mocha, which unfortunately does not provide the same rich, creamy texture as almond milk.

When a coffee out is worst than the crappy French Press coffee I make myself at home, this is usually a pretty bad sign!

In terms of food, there were a few unappetizing, stale looking pastries by the counter. Nothing I would ever consider ordering as they looked old and tasteless.


Service was upbeat and friendly: the only positive in our visit to Matador.


Matador roasts their own beans right on site. Unfortunately, most of the space inside is dedicated to this process rather than offering guests a nice place to lounge with their drink.

I have to admit they did do a nice job with the remodeling of what once used to be some type of car garage. The space is very clean and fresh looking, without any hint of garbage or dirt inside. Unfortunately, the positives end there.

Seating is limited to one table and a few cramped seats by the window. Matador has many drawbacks aside from the limited seating including music that is way too loud and an uncomfortable setting (they did not have the heat on during our visit?).

If you want to test out Matador for yourself, you are better off ordering at the drive-thru and continuing on your way as the lack of ambiance does not justify a visit.

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Final Remarks

I had high hopes for Matador as trying out any new coffeeshop is always a fun experience. Disappointingly, the drinks here were amongst the worst we have tried in town. To top it off, any sort of ambiance was completely missing.

My suggestion: keep on driving and check out Late for the Train or Higher Grounds, both located just a few minutes away in Flagstaff's historic downtown neighborhood.