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1500 W. Taylor Street
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 942-1117
Five Stars
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Mike & I were in Chicago visiting my family for the week: One night, Mike, my father, and I all decided we were in the mood for great Chicago Italian food. We wanted to visit a nice, authentic city restaurant for the last night of our trip. We decided The Rosebud would be the perfect option. Each of us has dined here on several occassions, and we have always been pleased with the excellent food, service, & ambiance.

  • Rosebud Restaurant Preview
  • Rosebud Restaurant Preview
  • Rosebud Restaurant Preview


The food on this visit was excellent, just as I have always rembered it in the past. On this occassion, I ordered Fetuccini Alfredo. The Rosebud does not offer a wide variety of vegetarian dishes, however, the few items I have tried, including last night's Alfredo, have always tasted perfect.

Mike loved his Ravioli with Alfredo sauce. We both agreed that the creamy Alfredo sauce was the best yet. My father ordered the signature lasanga dish; the only entree he ever orders! He was impressed as usual, both with the taste and size of his meal.

Mike and I were jealous that they do not offer a vegetarian version of this dish! It looks amazing! The hot bread served with olive oil for dipping was a great pre-meal treat; in fact, it may have filled us up just a bit too much!

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Service was outstanding - extremely professional in every aspect.


The Rosebud has a classy, old-style vibe which is part of its' appeal. Inside, I feel as if I am in a different time period. Pictures of Frank Sinatra and other famous faces in the entertainment industry grace the walls. Did you know that The Rosebud was Frank Sinatra's favorite Chicago restaurant? He used to dine here all the time! Dim lights, elegant table design, and Frank Sinatra background music add to The Rosebud charm. All these extra details put this Italain restaurants in a league above the rest.

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Final Remarks

I will always return to The Rosebud on each return visit to Chicago. Whenever I am in the mood for authentic Italian, I know that I can count on The Rosebud.

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