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Station 66 Italian Bistro

144 Historic Rte 66
Williams, AZ 86046
(928) 635-3992
Five Stars
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Station 66, located on historic Route 66 in downtown Williams, Arizona, was a major disappointment. In fact, it was our most disappointing Northern Arizona restaurant experience to date. Being one of the few local Italian restaurants in the region, we were eager to test it out. The beautiful Christmas light display drew us in, however, the sub par food, service, and setting would never bring us back.

If Station 66 is going to charge big city prices for their meals, they should at least offer the service, ambiance, and food to match! Service was unprofessional, food was not authentic, everything on the menu was severely overpriced, and the setting was too noisy and bar like for the high pricing.

  • Station 66 Italian Bistro Food Preview
  • Station 66 Italian Bistro Food Preview
  • Station 66 Italian Bistro Food Preview
  • Station 66 Italian Bistro Food Preview
  • Station 66 Italian Bistro Food Preview


The Station 66 menu is not all that impressive for an Italian restaurant. There are only 6 pasta dishes to chose amongst, all of which are overpriced. Other menu choices include specialty pizzas (red or white sauce), sandwiches, bruschetta, a few soups and salads, and a limited selection of appetizers. The pasta choices were very basic selections like Alfredo, Marinara, and Mac and Cheese. You will not find any unique choices here.

The pizza, which was overpriced at almost 20 bucks for a 12 inch, lacked both sauce and cheese! It was horribly bland. For the price, you would think you would receive the standard complimentary bread and maybe a side salad or cup of soup. Not at Station 66! You have to pay for everything separately.

The Fettuccine Alfredo was no better and also overpriced at $18. This easy to make dish was unappetizing as it was bland and too heavy. In fact, we both felt sick later that night after eating it.

We had to order a serving of garlic bread just to have enough to eat, which is ridiculous after paying $40 just for our simple entrees. For a small town this is not typically the norm.

As the food and service were both bad, you are better off driving 40 minutes to Flagstaff and dining at the Olive Garden. At least you will get salad and bread with your meal and not walk out feeling like you got completely ripped off! And the service and setting will be much nicer. Although I usually do not endorse chains, in the case of Station 66, this is a rare exception.

The quality of food and pricing point do not justify a visit to this restaurant. You will receive better food and service at a standard chain. Most local Italian restaurants excel at offering authentic cuisine, a charming setting, and stellar service. Unfortunately, this is not the case at Station 66, quite possibly because the family that owns this restaurant also owns several others in town leading to no true area of specialty.


The service was beyond bad: quite possibly the worst I have ever experienced in a restaurant. Our waiter was slow, unprofessional, unfriendly, and knew absolutely nothing about the menu. He was unable to tell us if they offered whole grain pasta.

For the prices Station 66 is charging, you would think they would hire waiters who knew Italian cuisine and made you feel like an important customer. Instead they hire servers who seem to have absolutely no restaurant experience, could care less if you have a great experience, and know nothing about Italian food.

The general apathetic attitude of our server was not appreciated. This restaurant should offer a fine dining experience or lower their prices and offer a casual/pizza style pub experience.


The setting at Station 66 was not elegant enough to justify the prices. Downstairs there were dozens of families with screaming children. The decor was bland, the temperature was freezing (how about turning the heat on in the winter?!), and the table setting was nonexistent.

Upstairs, it was a bit quieter with nice views of the downtown Christmas lights. However, the ambiance still did not justify the prices. It felt like we were dining at a bar being served by an uninterested bartender who thought of us an an inconvenience. To top it off, the temperature was so cold that I couldn't even take off my coat.

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Final Remarks

Station 66 wants to be a casual restaurant that serves extravagantly priced entrees and offers no real service. Here, you might as well just order at a pickup counter as there is absolutely no hint of service to be found.

Unfortunately, charging insane prices for bland food and service will not work in the long run. I feel bad for tourists who mistakenly walk in here thinking it will be an affordable casual dining experience. I can only hope that Station 66 will choose to become either a casual or fine dining experience and offer the traditional amenities of that choice.

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