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Hard Rock Cafe - Chicago

63 West Ontario Street
Chicago, IL 60654
Five Stars
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I am an avid collector of Hard Rock souvenir glasses, so I always make it a point to get one at each Hard Rock that I visit. The Chicago restaurant is definitely not my favorite, but nevertheless still a good time.


I highly recommend the spring rolls and twisted macaroni and cheese. Most of the menu consists of pub style food and burgers. Everything seems pretty consistent from location to location. Our bill for 2 people came out to about $50 - this included an entree, a few sides, a jumbo appetizer platter, and soft drinks. Menu


Service can definitely be improved. We asked an employee to take our picture and he said that he could not leave his spot. He didn’t even offer to find someone else to do it, so I was pretty upset about that.


Visiting over the holiday was a special treat with the nice Christmas tree and garland decorations everywhere.

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Final Remarks

I would not go out of my way to visit Hard Rock Cafe Chicago again. There are plenty of other locations around the country that I haven't had the opportunity to visit yet. The service was not spectacular at this location, so that doesn't leave me with much of a reason to return.

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