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The Roasted Bean

3400 Vegas Plaza Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 791-7111
Five Stars
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The Roasted Coffee Bean, located inside the Mirage Casino Resort, is the perfect alternative for those like myself who dislike popular chains like Starbucks. The Roasted Bean offers a full coffee bar, complete with fantastic espresso drinks, and this combined with the relaxing setting makes it the perfect spot to take a leisurely, delicious break before your next Vegas activity.

  • The Roasted Bean Restaurant Preview
  • The Roasted Bean Restaurant Preview
  • The Roasted Bean Restaurant Preview
  • The Roasted Bean Restaurant Preview


As you enter The Mirage, you will stroll right past a busy Starbucks. Keep moving on until you get to The Mirage's small shopping section, where you will find The Roasted Bean. Aside from a full menu of coffee drinks, delicious pastries, salads, and sandwiches are available. After 5pm, pastries are 1/2 price.

Our Americanos were excellent, a little pricey at $4 for a 16oz large, however, this is a Vegas casino and I expected the inflated prices. Three shots of espresso in the 16oz drink made for just the right flavor. Many coffee shops cannot seem to get this right, and your drink ends up being either too weak or too strong. We enjoyed the drink enough to visit each day of our stay.

If I had one complaint, it was the absence of mugs for dine in customers. It would be nice to sit in the relaxing shop with a proper mug of coffee as opposed to a wasteful paper cup. There is no point in getting your coffee served in a paper cup unless you are taking it to go, and if that is the case, you are better off brewing your own at home!

Adding a few gluten-free and vegan pastries would also be a smart move.


Service was friendly as was the case at every business we visited inside The Mirage. Hands down, The Mirage really excels in the service department. Every employee at any restaurant/shop/bar was extraordinary friendly. It just makes your day so much better when you are dealing with great service!


The sitting room is nicely decorated with lots of novelty tea/coffee decor. It was interesting to look at all the random teapots on the wall. The pretty, casual setting was the perfect laid-back option the morning after a long night on the Strip. What a great place to relax with your morning drink!

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Final Remarks

The Roasted Bean is a must try for any coffee lover staying at The Mirage. Despite the few setbacks (no gluten-free treats and paper cups), the convenient location, combined with a laid-back setting and fantastic drinks, make it the ideal place to take a break from all the action.

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