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Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar

444 N Bumby Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803
(407) 893-4994
Five Stars
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Drunken Money is a quirky little local coffeeshop in the Milk District of downtown Orlando. The laid-back eclectic setting, great menu of organic/fair trade coffee drinks, delicious offering of soups, and tempting display of daily treats make it a must stop for a morning caffeine fix or afternoon treat.

  • Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar Restaurant Preview
  • Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar Restaurant Preview
  • Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar Restaurant Preview
  • Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar Restaurant Preview


Drunken Monkey offers an excellent selection of espresso drinks, all of which use fair trade-organic beans. Coffee is roasted in house, therefore, ensuring maximum freshness. They carry non-dairy milk for vegans and others who are lactose intolerant.

The Americano drinks were very good. I also liked the random mugs that they used - no 2 the same makes for an interesting experience each time.

The tempting display of counter treats, many of which are gluten-free and/or vegan are very hard to pass up on. We tried a dairy and gluten-free brownie, which was absolutely moist and delicious. Aside from the treats, a selection of homemade soups and sandwiches are available.

If the Broccoli "Cheeze" soup is on the menu during your visit, you must try it out! Even though it was vegan and gluten-free, it was the most delicious creamy version I've ever tried, so good in fact that we came back twice during our Orlando vacation, just for the soup!


Drunken Monkey is the coffee shop to be in Orlando: it sure was crowded each time we visited! Despite the crowds, the staff does a great job at making the drinks and preparing the food in a timely manner.


Drunken Monkey is a great alternative to bland, grab and go chains. It's more of a place to sit and relax for a while, as opposed to a chain where you take your drink to go in a paper cup.

Sit down on one of the comfy couches and relax while taking in the artsy decor, play a board game or skim through a book, or just chat with friends for a while.

No wonder everyone drinking coffee is always so stressed as they do not take the time to enjoy their drink! Coffee is better enjoyed, not to mention healthier for you, when you slowly sip it in a relaxing environment like that offered at Drunken Monkey.

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Final Remarks

Drunken Monkey is highly recommended for anyone who appreciates an eclectic coffeehouse ambiance, as well as anyone else who isn't afraid to deviate from the modern, bland chains so prevalent today.

A combination of quality espresso drinks, great allergy friendly pastries and entrees, interesting decor, and a cozy setting make Drunken Monkey a perfect choice for the health conscious coffee drinker who enjoys a stress-free environment.

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