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Delhi Palace

2700 S Woodlands Village Blvd
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928) 556-0019
Five Stars
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Delhi Palace, the best Indian restaurant in Flagstaff, offers extraordinary service, delicious food, and an attractively decorated dining room. Because most of the menu is gluten-free & vegetarian, even the pickiest eaters can enjoy a full meal. And, the afternoon lunch buffet (held everyday from 11am-2:30pm) is by far the best deal in town!

Update: Unfortunately, the lunch buffet is no longer service. However, the food here is so delicious, it is definitely worthy of a visit!

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  • Delhi Palace Restaurant Preview
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The menu at Delhi Palace is diverse with plenty of unique vegetable, seafood, chicken, lamb, and rice based entrees. In addition, appetizers, soups, and Indian style breads are available.

In terms of appetizers, I would definitely recommend the Onion Bhaji, a delicious starter which consists of onions deep fried in garbanzo flour. It's a great choice for those on a gluten-free and vegan diet. It's also a huge serving. In fact, it was so good that we had to order a second serving! The vegetable pakoras and the vegetable soup are also must trys.

Dishes are served family style, enabling you to mix and match entrees with your party. Everything is very affordable, so you can taste several dishes to see what you like.

The Chilli Chicken, which was prepared with ginger, onions, tomatoes, green chilli, and Indian spices was a perfect gluten-free, dairy-free choice. Also, a great choice for those who don't mind a bit of spice. Any dish can be made as spicy as you wish (mild-hot).

Vegetarians and vegans should be pleased with the Vegetable Biryani dish, which consists of Basmati rice topped with fresh veggies, spices and herbs, cashews, and special seasonings. It was a great dish, very different than fried rice, but an excellent introduction for those not used to Indian style rice.
The Vegetable Korma is another fantastic vegetarian option. A few other recommended entrees: Saag Paneer, Aloo Gobi, Madrasi Mixed Veg, and Chana Masala. You cannot go wrong with any of these wonderful dishes. I usually order mine mild, however, you can customize to your spice preference.

If visiting during lunch hours, you must try out the 30 item buffet: a real steal at only $9 per person. This will enable you to try out a variety of dishes without committing to one entree.

Almost everything on the menu is gluten-free, with the exception of the breads and Samosas appetizer. In addition, many items are dairy-free or can be easily modified to be so. Vegan menu items are plentiful, including many vegetarian and rice dishes, vegetable soup, and a few appetizers.


Service at Delhi Palace is exceptional. You will likely not find service so good anywhere else in town. Drinks are refilled before they are halfway gone, the food wait is incredibly short, and waiters are very professional. If you are a regular customer, the waiters will get to know your food preferences. As a bonus, our waiter was knowledgeable about gluten-free and vegan menu selections.


The decor is very pleasing with unique wall murals and an overall classier look than most of the other Indian restaurants in town. Delhi Palace is a nice place to dine, rather than just a quick stop to grab Indian food.

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Final Remarks

Delhi Palace is your best bet for great Indian food in Northern Arizona. In fact, it is one of the best restaurants in town, period. It is also the best Indian food I have ever tasted. As Delhi offers outstanding service, delicious authentic Indian food, a variety of allergy friendly options, and an attractive layout, you will definitely leave satisfied.

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