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Sweet Anne's Cafe

142 N Montezuma Street
Prescott, AZ 86301
(928) 445-1240
Five Stars
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Sweet Anne's is a great allergy friendly dining option in historic downtown Prescott. Sweet Anne's stands out as one of the best choices for gluten-free diners. The staff is very accommodating, and willing to transform almost any dish into a safe gluten-free option.

  • Sweet Anne's Cafe Restaurant Preview
  • Sweet Anne's Cafe Restaurant Preview


This local family run cafe and coffeehouse offers espresso drinks, and a small menu of breakfast and lunch dishes. Various egg plates, salads, and sandwiches comprise the majority of the menu. A handful of the dishes are Cajun inspired, so if you like spicy foods you will be pleased.

The Cajun Chicken Cobb Salad is loaded with fresh veggies, hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken, and GF croutons. It is a fantastic filling lunch choice for those seeking a healthy gluten-free meal.

Almost everything on Sweet Anne's menu can be customized to be gluten-free. Gluten free bread and croutons are available. The staff is willing to make any substitutions necessary to make the dish gluten-free.

Sweet Anne's also caters to vegetarians. Many of the dishes can be modified to fit a vegetarian diet. The salads are entree sized and loaded with veggies, making them a great option for the vegetarian. The egg plates, which can be served with GF bread, are also a great option. The staff gladly substituted a delicious Quinoa patty for the meat.

Unfortunately, most restaurants would just take out the meat and not replace it with anything. It's great that Sweet Anne's does not take advantage of customers with special diets, but rather ensures that everyone gets the full value of the meal.

If I had one suggestion, I would recommend adding a few vegan options on the menu. Most of the choices, even modified, would not fit into a vegan diet.

Prices are very affordable, unlike many restaurants who overcharge for gluten-free meals. A filling lunch for 2 came in around $20.


The staff were all really welcoming. I appreciate the fact that they did not take advantage of gluten-free and vegetarian guests.


The cafe is situated in an old house, giving the restaurant a cozy, home-style feeling rather than a newish chain-like atmosphere. The outdoor patio is perfect for the mild spring months. It's also pet friendly! In addition, free Wi-Fi is available.

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Final Remarks

As far as gluten-free restaurants in Prescott go, Sweet Anne's is one of your best bets. An accommodating staff, an abundance of gluten-free choices, and a cozy setting make for an excellent gluten-free dining experience in Prescott.

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