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Mountain Oasis

11 E Aspen Avenue
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928) 214-9270
Five Stars
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Mountain Oasis is one of Flagstaff's nicer restaurants. The setting is a bit more refined than the majority of the casual coffeeshop restaurants in town. Here you will find an interesting menu which includes a variety of international dishes, including a few vegetarian and gluten-free options.

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  • Mountain Oasis Restaurant Preview
  • Mountain Oasis Restaurant Preview


Mountain Oasis serves both lunch and dinner. Selections include appetizers, entree sized salads, meat and veggie sandwiches and wraps, and a variety of meat and fish based dinner entrees.

At first glance the menu appears to offer little in terms of gluten-free options. For instance, there is no GF bread or wraps to substitute for the sandwiches. In my opinion, this is an easy fix: store GF bread in the freezer (it lasts for months). They can make sandwiches with a lettuce wrap, however, this is not a fair trade off as you feel you are overpaying for the same meal as someone who can eat the bread.

Lunch is served with chips and salsa and a pickle. Prices are only $7-8 and the portions are adequate for a light, yet satisfying meal.

They do offer a nice selection of salads, including a Pineapple Tofu selection for vegetarians. Other vegetarian selection include tofu lettuce wraps, a black bean burger, a red thai curry plate, and a hummus plate.

Vegan options include a Black Bean Chili, sandwiches and salads modified to take out cheeses, and a few appetizers. The Black Bean Chili (also GF) is your best bet: a slightly spicy chili served over delicious roasted sweet potatoes. This unique combination was a surprising treat. Also, vegans can substitute Vegenaise on any sandwich and vegan sourdough bread.

If you need to eat both gluten-free and vegan, your options are severely limited. For an excellent dish, I recommend ordering the Hummus sandwich GF. The chef will prepare a fantastic plate of lettuce wraps filled with avocado, hummus, and veggies. The flavor and texture were wonderful. Preparing the dish with multiple lettuce wraps instead of one large one improved both the presentation and quality of food.

Overall, the menu offerings at Mountain Oasis are varied enough to accommodate most diners. A few more menu items that are both gluten-free & vegan would likely draw in more healthy diners.


Service was really slow. Meals took a very long time to come out, drink refills were nonexistent, and the check service was painfully slow. On the bright side, the waitress had no problem making substitutions and talking with the chef about gluten-free options.


The tranquil garden like setting makes Mountain Oasis an attractive option for a relaxed, upscale lunch date.

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Final Remarks

Mountain Oasis is recommended as a good choice for a post shopping/sightseeing lunch, or as a quiet, fine dining date destination.

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