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Flag Buzz Coffeehouse

107 N San Francisco Street
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928) 774-4731
Five Stars
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Flag Buzz Coffeehouse, located in the center of downtown Flagstaff, serves some great organic espresso drinks. Unfortunately, the poor service cannot be overlooked. The rude barista ruined an otherwise great coffee experience.

  • Flag Buzz Coffeehouse Restaurant Preview
  • Flag Buzz Coffeehouse Restaurant Preview


Flag Buzz offers your typical espresso menu, along with a few pastry treats and light snacks.

The perfectly brewed, smooth, richly flavored Americano drinks were served in cute glass mugs. They use fantastic organic coffee beans. They also offer non-dairy alternatives like almond and soy milk. Lots of teas are available as an alternative to for those who dislike coffee.

The treats looks delicious, however, not knowing if they were gluten-free and/or vegan, I decided to bypass.


Service was a big disappointment as the barista working this particular day obviously did not want to be there. Any question we asked was an inconvenience. The unfriendly barista needs some lessons in customer service. As opposed to simply taking an order and pushing a customer to the side, an employee should be more than willing to assist the customer with any questions.


This attractive looking modern shop offers big windows so you can sip your coffee while gazing around the downtown area. It is quiet without a lot of congestion like some of the other more popular choices. You will also find an even quieter back room complete with tables for reading, studying, or getting some work done.

Along the walls, you will find cute cast iron tea pots, water bottles, and mugs for sale. You can also purchase their coffee, along with chocolates and other small treats.

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Final Remarks

I was very impressed with the quality of the Americano and pleased that they use organic beans. However, I would not be likely to visit again or recommend due to the poor attitude of the staff. You are paying your hard earned money for overpriced coffee - shouldn't it at the very least be served by a friendly face?

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