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Josephine's Modern American Bistro

503 N Humphreys Street
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928) 779-3400
Five Stars
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Josephine's is a quaint restaurant located on a side street in historic downtown Flagstaff. The main advantage is the fantastic location, away from the congestion, in a historic building from the early 1900's (1911).

It's one of the few options in town for more of a fine dining experience. Although the setting is quite nice and the service very professional, Josephine's could improve its' standing by offering more vegan and gluten-free choices on the menu.

  • Josephine's Modern American Bistro Restaurant Preview
  • Josephine's Modern American Bistro Restaurant Preview
  • Josephine's Modern American Bistro Restaurant Preview
  • Josephine's Modern American Bistro Restaurant Preview


Josephine's serves brunch, lunch, and dinner. The menu is pretty limited, especially if you are following a special diet. Although there are many gluten-free dishes on the lunch and dinner menus, the brunch menu is severely lacking. Gluten-free pancakes or french toast and gluten-free bread to accompany the omelets would be a great addition.

Vegan options are severely limited with no choices on the brunch menu and only a small handful of options on the lunch/dinner menu (Quinoa garden burger minus the cheese and a few salads with modifications). Many guests who are gluten-free are also vegan, and unfortunately, almost all the gluten-free dishes are meat based.

Food presentation is lacking and portion sizes were very small. We ordered 2 sides and instead of setting them up nicely together on a single plate with some garnish, 2 separate plates were brought out. I also requested scrambled eggs, however, received some weird looking patty thing instead.

The veggie omelet, served with potatoes and toast, was okay although gluten-free toast would have been more appetizing and filling than a side of fruit.

Offering no vegan menu items at one of the few fine dining establishments in town is a real disappointment. Any basic chef can easily incorporate a vegan/GF waffle on the breakfast menu and perhaps a vegan pasta or rice based dish on the lunch or dinner menu.

While I understand that not all restaurants can cater to every diet, it would be nice to have an option or 2 for guests that are dining out with family and friends. Just having 1 or 2 meal options makes all the difference.

As more and more diners choose to follow vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free diets, Josephine's will need to step up its' game in order to compete with other local businesses.

For everyone else with no food allergies, the menu includes items such as: omelets, Eggs Benedict, soups and salads, pancakes and french toast, burgers,sandwiches, and fish and meat based entrees.


Waiter service at Josephine's was the highlight of our visit. One will quickly notice that service here is much more professional and prompt that at most other restaurants in Flagstaff. Our waiter was even nice enough to recommend gluten-free restaurant options in town.


Josephine's classic setting in an old house from the early 1900's gives the restaurant an edge over other bland, chain-like restaurants in town. The cozy fireplace and woodsy setting are very attractive. In addition, the large garden patio is a beautiful area to dine on warm summer afternoons and nights.

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Final Remarks

Josephine's is a good choice for anyone without specific dietary restrictions. The charming setting and classy service make it a great gathering spot for special occasions. On the other hand, guests with dietary restrictions are sure to be greatly dissatisfied with the sheer lack of options.

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