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Flagstaff Coffee Company

16 E Route 66
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928) 773-1442
Five Stars
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As you stroll through downtown Flagstaff, you will come across a quaint looking coffee shop with cozy outdoor seating. Although they have fantastic outdoor seating (a rare treat in Flagstaff), the dreadful service and bland drinks surely do not make up for the ambiance. Neither does the fact that they allow smoking!

  • Flagstaff Coffee Company Food Preview
  • Flagstaff Coffee Company Food Preview


Flagstaff Coffee Company offers both traditional drinks and liquor enhanced creations. Not sure why anyone would want alcohol in their coffee, however, to each his own. They also serve green, black, and herbal teas.

Unfortunately, both the Americano and French Press drinks were horrible. In fact, I haven't tasted coffee this bad in years. Bland, weak, and left with tons of coffee grinds at the bottom. With the high prices and professional equipment available, this should not have happened.


Service was rude...extremely rude. I am talking the worst service I have experienced in Flagstaff. I would never visit this coffee shop again solely due to the barista's poor attitude. Not only did she not even acknowledge our presence, she was inconvenienced by our question and refused to answer how many shots of espresso were in each drink. Hopefully the other employees are not as rude to a customer simply inquiring about the drinks!

Flagstaff Coffee Company should be truly embarrassed to have this employee represent their company.


Flagstaff Coffee Company should be one of the best places to have coffee in the city, unfortunately allowing smoking will automatically turn away any non smokers. Although there are separate smoking and non-smoking sessions, the look of ashtrays on the table is atrocious and the smell still permeates the air. Absolutely disgusting!

The patio would be a great place to relax on Flagstaff's beautiful summer mornings, unfortunately that is ruined by the decision of the company to cater to smokers.

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Final Remarks

Poor drinks, rude service, and smoking just isn't acceptable for a modern coffeehouse. If the coffee shop is going to fail in all 3 aspects (service, quality, and atmosphere), then why not just make your own coffee at home?

Downtown Flagstaff is lined with numerous coffee shops. Skip Flagstaff Coffee Company, which hands down, offers the worst drinks and service in the area.

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