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Brew D Licious

667 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 741-2249
Five Stars
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Brew D Licious is an independent coffee shop on Central Ave. in downtown St. Petersburg. In addition to a steaming cup of tasty organic coffee, you will enjoy the eclectic, lively atmosphere of this friendly local shop.

  • Brew D Licious Restaurant Preview
  • Brew D Licious Restaurant Preview
  • Brew D Licious Restaurant Preview
  • Brew D Licious Restaurant Preview
  • Brew D Licious Restaurant Preview


We ordered 2 Americanos: the flavor was great, not too bitter nor bold. You will find a handful of specialty lattes and mochas on the menu. They have non-dairy milks available for those with a lactose intolerance.

Coffee is fair trade and organic - always a bonus in my book. In addition a few snacks are available to compliment your drink.


Baristas were friendly and outgoing with all the customers. Drinks came out fast despite the hefty crowds. The Americanos were piping hot and perfectly made.


It's nice to find a coffee shop with a little bit of personality after visiting many chain-like options in the Tampa Bay area. Nice artwork, an electric fireplace, and quirky decor add to the experience.

There is no stiff work atmosphere here but rather a relaxing vibe with comfy couches and an overall lack-back setting to enjoy your coffee drinking experience, rather than the stiff business/work atmosphere you find at many other shops.

The crowd was enthusiastic and happy. Brew D Licious has a true coffee shop feel, rather than a cafe that also serves food. It's also pet friendly which is unusual for a coffee shop, although rather entertaining!

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Final Remarks

Overall, Brew D Licious is probably your best bet in the area for a great mug of coffee in a quirky coffeehouse setting. Skip the standard chains in favor of this unique local shop which presents a more welcoming vibe.

In short, don't rush and simply grab a to-go coffee from your standard chain to drink in your car; take some time to disconnect from technology and socialize with friends at Brew D Licious.

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