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Palmetto Market

23 Ocean Lane
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
(843) 341-8075
Five Stars
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Palmetto Market is a convenient on-site cafe, market, and coffee shop for guests staying at the Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort. The early morning hours (6:30am - 7 days a week) conveniently allow you to enjoy a relaxing coffee and snack before the resort gets busy.

  • Palmetto Market Restaurant Preview
  • Palmetto Market Restaurant Preview
  • Palmetto Market Restaurant Preview


The market offers a selection of convenience foods such as: sodas, beer & wine, candy, chips, and other snacks to enjoy in your hotel room. The cafe features a small menu including: breakfast pastries, pizzas, sandwiches, wings, soups, fresh salads, and power bowls.

Breakfast options include croissant sandwiches, Parfait, steel cut oatmeal, seasonal fruit cups, and an acai bowl.

The salad bar is a great option that includes many customizable options such as veggies, meat, and crunchy toppings. Make your own salad anytime for a quick, affordable, healthy treat.

Freshly brewed Organic Starbucks Coffee and TAZO tea bags are available. I recommend sitting out by the relaxing outdoor fire pit while enjoying your warm drink.


Staff was obviously not informed about anything on the menu, nor any ingredients used in any dishes. I was later told that gluten-free pizza and bread are available, however, neither options were noted on the menu.

For lunch, I requested a sandwich with gluten-free bread and was told it was not available, so perhaps there is some communication error between the chef and staff working at Palmetto.

Hopefully the resort will re-train staff to be more familiar with gluten-free offerings and appropriately modify the menu to include these choices.


The indoor setting features a clean, modern vibe. You can either lounge in the sofa section (complete with TVs and computers) while enjoying your Starbucks brewed coffee or have a seat in the modern dining section.

On cool days, the outdoor patio is perfect as you can enjoy the nice weather in a casual setting, while taking in the sights and sounds of the resort.

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Final Remarks

Palmetto Cafe is a good choice for those staying at this Omni. It is convenient, clean, and surprisingly cheap for a resort hotel. A few more vegetarian and gluten-free options would be an improvement, as would a more knowledgeable staff. Hopefully these are some changes Omni can incorporate into the upcoming year.