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900 Degrees Woodfired Pizza

28152 Paseo Drive
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543
(813) 527-6940
Five Stars
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900 Degrees Woodfired Pizza has an attractive location inside the fantastic Shops at Wiregrass in Wesley Chapel. The authentic pizza restaurant prides itself on using an Italian wood burning oven, which creates the perfect Neapolitan style pizza. The perfect pizza creation is said to be due to the oven's ability to maintain a consistent 900+ degree temperature, hence the catchy name of the restaurant.

Although Woodfired offers a great menu, complete with several gluten-free options, there are some areas that need improvement including service (unprofessional and unacknowledged), the pricing point of gluten-free options (pricing for toppings are outrageous), and management (failure to respond to an email).

  • 900 Degrees Woodfired Pizza Restaurant Preview
  • 900 Degrees Woodfired Pizza Restaurant Preview
  • 900 Degrees Woodfired Pizza Restaurant Preview
  • 900 Degrees Woodfired Pizza Restaurant Preview


Woodfired uses caputo flour, San Marzano tomatoes, and a wood burning oven to create Neapolitan pizza. The menu consists of a handful of specialty pizza options, a create your own pizza section, several pasta selections, calzones, salads, and a few appetizers (fries, cheesesticks, fried ravioli, and wings to name a few).

The highlight here is the ability to order a gluten-free pizza or pasta dish. The downside is that the gluten-free pizza starts at $10 without any toppings (keep in mind that gluten-free crust is much thinner than traditional). Add in a whopping $2.49 per topping and you could be paying more for your toppings than the pizza itself!

To top it off the toppings were very sparsely applied. Although we omitted the cheese, we were only given a very miniscule portion of the toppings we ordered (about 8 olives and a few tiny slices of onions).

To pay upwards of $30 for 2 tiny gluten-free pizzas is bordering on ridiculous. Unfortunately, management never responded with any feedback after we offered suggestions.

The pizza itself was good. The sauce had a unique, slightly garlicky taste, however, I expect pizza to consist of more than a thin layer of crust, a little sauce, and a handful of toppings.

The price of our gluten-fee pizza was not justified in the slightest. I would never recommend this restaurant to gluten-free individuals due to the enormous price tag.

Save your money and pick up 2 gluten free crusts at Whole Foods for $5. And add as many toppings as you want. Treat yourself to the same quality pizza without the hefty price tag.

On the other hand, the regular crust pizza did look delicious. As we browsed around the other tables, we were quite dissapointed in how large the traditional pizza was compared to the gluten-free.

It's one thing to offer gluten-free options so individuals with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance can enjoy eating out with their family and friends. It's another story to take advantage of these individuals by charging absurd prices.

On a positive note, the gluten-free pasta with marinara sauce was great, and more appropriately priced at a mere $8. However, the side of bread (not gluten-free) should have been replaced with a substitute, as opposed to charging the customer for the whole plate.


Service was mediocre at best. Our young waiter was just too inexperienced and awkward. He did not seem to know anything about pizza ingredients and allergens (restaurants which offer gluten-free options should have staff well acquainted with the diet).


Woodfired offers both indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor seating is a bit cramped and lacks in the style department. The outdoor covered patio, on the other hand, is a great, relaxing way to spend a Friday night. When there is a cool breeze, it's just perfect. The checkered Italian table cloths and lights add to the authentic setting.

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Final Remarks

Woodfired has a long way to go before they will ever get my business again. More experienced servers, lower prices on tiny gluten-free pizzas (perhaps 4-5 toppings included in the price), and a new design scheme inside would be a great start.

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