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Harvest on Main

576 E Main Street
Blue Ridge, GA 30513
(706) 946-6164
Five Stars
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Harvest on Main is one of the top restaurants in charming downtown Blue Ridge. Although there are many options to pick amongst, Harvest offers delicious food, an allergy friendly menu and impeccable service in an attractive setting.

  • Harvest on Main Restaurant Preview
  • Harvest on Main Restaurant Preview


Harvest on Main offers varied menu choices for everyone, especially those on a gluten-free diet. In fact, the restaurant prides itself on offering a 95% gluten-free menu.

Although more restaurants today are beginning to offer gluten-free options, Harvest on Main seemed to be especially knowledgeable on the diet and willing to offer suggestions and substitutions. In town, it is the one the best options for those following a gluten-free diet as most of the menu is accommodating.

As you browse through the menu, you will notice there is no shortage of meat based entrees. This is great for meat lovers, in addition to those following gluten-free and paleo diets.

Don't worry vegetarians, there are even a few options for you (pasta, Kale salad, and Flatbread to name a few). Vegan options are a bit limited, however, some of the salads should be okay if you omit the cheese and most sides are customizable.

A great appetizer for both a gluten-free and vegetarian diet is a few slices of UDI's gluten-free bread. Our waiter brought out some olive oil, along with sautéed tomatoes and onions. We were able to made our own version of bruschetta. I appreciate the kind gesture of the waiter to suggest this fabulous gluten-free appetizer (which was not on the menu).

Being on a gluten-free diet usually means you have to forgo any type of appetizer, so we appreciated Harvest carrying this specialty bread and improvising on an appetizer.

A side of the Harvest vegetables is a great addition to any meal. A medley of delicious perfectly seasoned veggies like squash and mushrooms is sure to please just about anyone. Order several servings for a great shareable appetizer.

The Kale salad is an ideal healthy, filling choice for those on a diet or just trying to eat more healthy. It's a nice neutral option, which is easily customizable to fit almost any diet. A house salad and Harvest specialty salad are also great options.

Don't be afraid to ask your waiter about recommended substitutions! You can add chicken to your salad to make the meal even more satisfying.


Our waiter was friendly, professional, and accommodating. He had no problem verifying ingredients with the chef and offering his opinion on several substitutions. He also brought out gluten-free bread as an appetizer. Food came out quickly, and was hot, fresh, and nicely presented.


A lodge style indoor dining room, complete with stylish rustic touches like a stone fireplace, is perfect for romantic dinners or a Friday night meetup with friends.

Outdoor seating on the patio is perfect for dining on cool fall afternoon and evenings. Sitting out on the deck while enjoying your delicious meal, gives you a chance to people watch while taking in all the scene on Main Street.

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Final Remarks

Overall, Harvest on Main is one of the best options in town; an excellent fine dining experience, complete with interesting dishes, prompt service, and a charming atmosphere.

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