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Serenity Garden Cafe

657 E Main Street
Blue Ridge, GA 30513
(706) 258-4949
Five Stars
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Serenity Garden Cafe is a quaint little local cafe serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner on historic Main Street in downtown Blue Ridge. There are a handful of fantastic breakfast restaurants to start your day off on a relaxing note before heading out to area activities, and Serenity happens to be one of them.

Serenity doesn't disappoint with great service, excellent home-cooked entrees, and a relaxing setting.

  • Serenity Garden Cafe Restaurant Preview
  • Serenity Garden Cafe Restaurant Preview
  • Serenity Garden Cafe Restaurant Preview
  • Serenity Garden Cafe Restaurant Preview
  • Serenity Garden Cafe Restaurant Preview


Serenity offers a small breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. The menu is small but includes breakfast staples like omelets, pancakes, French toast, and biscuits. Local restaurants almost always offer a great hearty, home-cooked breakfast and friendly service. In comparison, small, bland meals and impersonal service are typical at the standard chain.

Serenity does not disappoint in the service and food categories. Breakfast servings are large and delicious.

The Southwestern omelet consists of a hearty serving of eggs mixed with mushrooms and spinach, and topped with a slightly spicy salsa. The side of hash browns were perfectly seasoned and cooked, not overly browned or undercooked. The fruit side was fresh, rather than the canned variety.

Those seeking a lighter, although equally delicious breakfast meal, may want to check out a simple plate of 2 eggs, potatoes, and toast. This meal will satisfy your breakfast cravings without weighing you do. It is also a great alternative to sugary breakfast entrees (which tend to make you feel crappy and tired for the rest of the day).


Service was wonderful. Our waitress was friendly and willing to check all ingredients with the chef. The kitchen was able to cook our potatoes with oil, as opposed to the mixture of oil and butter that they traditionally use.

Because we are following a gluten-free diet, we decided to skip out on the toast. Without us requesting a substitution, our waitress offered to trade in the toast for a bowl of fresh fruit. A restaurant that is willing to accommodate allergies, instead of greedily making you pay for the whole plate, always gets bonus points in my book.

It is always nice when a restaurant is able to cook your meal according to your preferences, without acting inconvenienced.


The setting at Serenity is peaceful from the moment you walk in. A tranquil wishing fountain greets you when you first walk in the doors. In addition, the rustic mountain themed touches perfectly complement the area. Nice lights along with a cozy dining area set the mood for a relaxing breakfast experience.

Dining on the outdoor patio would be ideal on cool fall mornings and afternoons. A waterfall adds to the peaceful, garden-like setting. Serenity is the place to visit for a relaxing, laid-back breakfast experience. Don't go here expecting a quick, rushed atmosphere like you would receive at a standard chain. Sit back, relax and observe all that is going on around you on Main Street.

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Final Remarks

Serenity Garden Cafe is a must stop for breakfast, both for locals and tourists visiting Blue Ridge. It is conveniently located in the center of downtown, making it easily accessible before/after a day of shopping and activities.

Enjoy a home-cooked breakfast at this local gem, then be sure to enjoy an afternoon strolling around the eclectic, individual shops that line Main Street.

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