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The Black Sheep

480 W. Main Street
Blue Ridge, GA 30513
(706) 946-3663
Five Stars
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The Black Sheep is one of the most interesting and upscale restaurant choices in the downtown Blue Ridge area. This fine dining establishment is nestled away further down the road from most of the other restaurants and shops in the area. The peaceful setting away from everything else makes it the perfect choice for celebrating a birthday or special occasion.

  • The Black Sheep Restaurant Preview
  • The Black Sheep Restaurant Preview
  • The Black Sheep Restaurant Preview
  • The Black Sheep Restaurant Preview
  • The Black Sheep Restaurant Preview


The Black Sheep offers a varied menu of Southern comfort foods, seafood dishes, and even a large number of gluten-free options. The restaurant is very accommodating towards any specific allergy requests since everything is made fresh in house. Vegan, Vegetarian, and gluten-free meals can be made by request.

Dishes include delicious entrees inspired by cuisines from all over the world, which the restaurant advertises as "New Southern Comfort Food." Overall, the restaurant's vibe feels very different than others in town, hence the fitting name.

As much local produce as possible is used, which is always a big plus. Vegetarians can replace meat in dishes with extra veggies for an extra fresh dish.

Lunch, dinner, and a special Sunday menu are offered. Lunch includes a selection of salads, sandwiches, meat and fish based lunch plates, and burgers. Ordering the Vegetarian of the Day plate is a good choice for those avoiding meat.

The dinner menu includes a selection of starters (Black Sheep Crab Cakes, Black Sheep Lobster Rolls, and Tuna Nachos to name a few), Salads (Caprese and Roasted Beet), and a wide ranging selection of meat based entrees (Filet Mignon, Pan Roasted Duck Breast, Chicken Marsala, and New York Strip to name a few of the selections).

Gluten-free diners will have no problem finding an option. Don't worry vegetarians, you aren't completely out of luck. There is a pasta option and the Vegetarian of the Day entrée. Update 2023: Do check with the restaurant for availability as the Vegetarian of the Day plate is no longer listed on the menu.

As an added bonus, gluten-free pasta is available, and also a tasty gluten-free bread and olive oil appetizer. If only all restaurants had back up options like this available on hand, dining out would be a much more pleasurable and easy experience!

The chef was able to customize our pasta plates to be both gluten and dairy-free. We omitted the cheese and replaced it with extra vegetables, which was absolutely delicious. Chicken or shrimp can be added to make a more filling meal.

The pasta was one of the best I have ever had at a restaurant: a delicious combination of sautéed veggies simmered with tomato, basil, garlic, and olive oil. A real winner that I will definitely order again the next time I pass through town. Although the entrees are pricey, we were more than satisfied with the enormous serving sizes.


Service was very prompt, classy, and friendly all at the same time. Our waiter verified every ingredient and even made a few suggestions, such as the toasted gluten-free bread and olive oil (which was not listed on the menu). We were more than pleased with the professional attitude and experience of all staff.


Both indoor and outdoor seating is offered. The outside patio (complete with a full bar) is covered and decorated with lights and a cozy fireplace. It is the perfect place to enjoy a casual yet elegant dinner on a breezy fall night. The inside dining room provides a bit more fancy setting for those special occasions.

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Final Remarks

Dinner at The Black Sheep is a wonderful addition to your Blue Ridge dining itinerary. Here you will be treated to a delicious meal, served with style. After your fantastic dining experience, you will likely agree that The Black Sheep was the best restaurant you visited on your trip.

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