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L & L Beanery Coffee Cafe

260 W. Main Street
Blue Ridge, GA 30513
(706) 632-3242
Five Stars
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L & L Beanery offers 2 options on Blue Ridge's historic Main Street to get your daily coffee fix. The larger location provides a perfect setting for a relaxing morning of enjoying a hot drink with friends.

On an interesting historical note, this coffee shop/cafe was built in a historic bank building. The original walk in safe still exists, although it is now used to sell local coffee, festive coffee and tea inspired decorations and artwork, unique holiday art, and other unique local crafts.

The old time charm, stone fireplace, and high ceilings make this coffee shop a much more pleasurable and relaxing experience than your run of the mill chains like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

Enjoying a freshly brewed cup of joe at L & L Bean is more of a relaxing experience, rather than a rushed "grab a cup on the way to work experience."

  • L & L Beanery Coffee Cafe Restaurant Preview
  • L & L Beanery Coffee Cafe Restaurant Preview
  • L & L Beanery Coffee Cafe Restaurant Preview
  • L & L Beanery Coffee Cafe Restaurant Preview
  • L & L Beanery Coffee Cafe Restaurant Preview


3 different rotating roasts are available on a daily basis. Frappes, cappuchhinos, and lattes are also available. The frappes are available in an assortment of interesting flavors including: green tea, cookies and cream, and Belgium chocolate to name a few.

A few interesting specialty creations include: Ghiradelli Caramel (Monin banana blended with milk and espresso and topped with caramel) and Rasberry White Truffle (espresso and steamed milk blended with Monin Rasberry and Ghiradelli white chocolate).

An assortment of fresh smoothies and teas are available for non-coffee drinkers, so you can still socialize alongside friends with a caffeine free drink of your choice.

Breakfast and lunch are available to those who prefer a meal along with their drink. Breakfast includes your basic favorites like: eggs, pancakes, french toast, and breakfast burritos. Lunch includes a selection of sandwiches, soups, and salads.

If you are looking for something a bit sweeter, you can check out the tempting array of desserts and pastries available in the display counter by the brewing station.


Service was friendly and fast. Staff is knowledgeable and able to customize drinks according to your preference. Although an Americano wasn't listed on the menu, the barista was easily able to make a great cup.


The setting is so peaceful and cozy - the exact opposite of what you would find at a bleak, bland, business-like chain. You could easily sit here for hours admiring the local decor. The indoor seating area features a few tables and a cozy couch set next to a tall, rustic stone fireplace. Rustic mountain and seasonal decor add to the charming, local ambiance. Festive local artwork (that is also available for purchase) adds an interesting vibe.

A few outdoor tables are available for those beautiful Northern Georgia fall mornings. Wherever your choose to enjoy your fantastic drink, one thing's for sure: you will leave happy, relaxed, and energetic! Sit down, relax and savor that cup of coffee. You never realize how truly wonderful a great cup of coffee tastes when you are grabbing a cup for the road.

Grab a large cup (they have the biggest mugs I've ever seen!), perhaps a small treat, and linger on as long as you like. You deserve it! Leave the laptop and phone at home and start your day off right, without any emails, phone calls, or internet (although free wi-fi is available if you absolutely can't go without it).

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Final Remarks

L & L Beanery is the place to stop for a coffee on Main Street. Not only is the setting fantastic, but so is the coffee itself! Do yourself a favor and stop on by at least once during your Blue Ridge vacation. What a relaxing and energizing way to start your day!

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