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Hard Rock Cafe Cleveland

230 W. Huron Road
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 830-7625
Five Stars
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Although many tourists complain about the overpriced food and tacky atmosphere at Hard Rock, I opt to strongly disagree. In fact, I love Hard Rock, making it a point to visit each US location. During our overnight stay in Cleveland, Mike & I knew we had to visit this new location to collect our next Hard Rock logo souvenir glass. This made our dinner choice for the evening easy: no need to research local restaurants.

After a 10 hour drive, we were more than satisfied with the pre-planned dinner arrangements. Hard Rock Cleveland is located in an entertainment complex in downtown Cleveland called Tower City. We were a bit hesitant at first to venture downtown, especially after a long day on the road.

However, we were delighted with the ease of getting around Cleveland: traffic was light, parking was easy to find, and most importantly parking was inexpensive (only $4 for 2 hours).

  • Hard Rock Cafe Cleveland Restaurant Preview
  • Hard Rock Cafe Cleveland Restaurant Preview
  • Hard Rock Cafe Cleveland Restaurant Preview
  • Hard Rock Cafe Cleveland Restaurant Preview
  • Hard Rock Cafe Cleveland Restaurant Preview


All Hard Rock locations thus far have been pretty consistent in terms of food quality. I always order the Twisted Macaroni and Cheese. While it is far from being the healthiest item on the menu, I deserve a treat as I eat healthy 90% of the time at home! The sauce has an unusual spicy twist, which appeals to spicy food addicts like myself!

In terms of appetizers, there is one must on the menu, and that is without doubt the spring rolls! We have never visited a Hard Rock location without ordering these tasty treats. I tried these for the first time over 7 years ago, and to this date have never found a better appetizer!

These Southwestern style roll ups contain a mixture of several different ingredients including black beans, corn, spinach, jalapenos, jack cheese, cilantro, and red peppers. Each order is served with 2 fantastic dips.

Mike ordered a vanilla shake in a Hard Rock souvenir glass (it is approximately the same price to buy a drink in the souvenir glass as it is to purchase the glass separately in the store). You might as well take the free drink!

Mike also ordered his favorite Turkey Burger (he prefers the Hard Rock Turkey Burger to other chain versions). All I can say is that Hard Rock's comfort food was well appreciated after traveling all day.

You will find plenty of option on the menu, including appetizers, burgers, salads, pasta, desserts, and more. We were too burnt out to try any drinks, however, Hard Rock carries a wide selection of fun specialty creations.

Hard Rock Cafe Cleveland Menu


Cleveland was the friendliest location to date. Our waitress was perky and helpful. She was nice enough to take our picture by the Hard Rock sign. She also went out of her way to recommend local attractions for us. I find Hard Rock to be a hit or miss on service: Cleveland definitely ranks in the top tier in this category!


The inside of the Cleveland location is a bit smaller than most that we have visited, however, you will still find the traditional Hard Rock memorabilia, bar, and logo. There is a giant guitar out front to take a souvenir photo next to. The restaurant was pretty quiet on this weekday evening, giving us the opportunity to enjoy the background Rock music!

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Final Remarks

Hard Rock Cafe Cleveland definitely gets a thumbs up from both of us. In addition to enjoying our favorite entrees, we also had the bonus of spectacular service this time around.

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