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Le Petit Triangle Cafe

1881 Fulton Road
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 281-1881
Five Stars
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Great French food in Cleveland? Yes, it does exist! Le Petit Triangle Cafe is the ideal option for those craving authentic French food in a charming setting. Everything from the menu to the decor is French inspired at this cozy, Cleveland restaurant.

  • Le Petit Triangle Cafe Restaurant Preview
  • Le Petit Triangle Cafe Restaurant Preview
  • Le Petit Triangle Cafe Restaurant Preview
  • Le Petit Triangle Cafe Restaurant Preview
  • Le Petit Triangle Cafe Restaurant Preview


The menu consists of a variety of French inspired specialties such as breakfast crepes, dessert crepes, Quiche, specialty salads, French toast varieties, and more.

I was excited to order the Quiche du Jour, unfortunately, they were already sold out by the time we arrived in the late afternoon. I decided to go with a salad and dessert crepe; an odd pairing, yet both very delicious!

I absolutely loved both my Triangle salad (dark greens, dried cranberries, walnuts, and a raspberry vinaigrette) and dark chocolate crepe. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, however, I do love my dark chocolate! This crepe was absolutely delicious!

I would like to plan a return visit for a specialty coffee and crepe, or perhaps a glass of wine.

Mike enjoyed his buckwheat breakfast crepe (scrambled eggs and tomatoes). I tried a few bites myself and was impressed as well. Even though the portions were on the smaller side, we both thoroughly enjoyed lunch.

This is a great Cleveland brunch choice for vegetarians and anyone needing gluten-free fare. Great vegetarian entree selections include Shakshuka, Sweet Potato Hash, French Toast, Ratatouille Crêpe, and a Peanut Butter Banana Crepe. Veggie and gluten-free menu items are conveniently marked.


Service was pleasant. Our waiter kindly assisted us with some of the French terms on the menu. Most of the menu is in French - how authentic is that!? Luckily, I have taken French courses, so I could figure out the majority of the menu myself. However, our waiter was there to assist us with any of the unknown items.


Walking through the doors, I felt like I was stepping into a true Parisian cafe. The table setup, artwork, menu, and service all felt authentic. I really enjoyed the cozy, quiet atmosphere. In fact, had we more time in Cleveland, we would have planned a return visit for another French treat!

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Final Remarks

Le Petit Triangle Cafe is something out of the ordinary: the perfect date option for couples looking for something out of the box. Skip all the chains and treat your taste buds to something deliciously different!

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