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The Catamount Restaurant

5368 New York 28
Mt. Tremper, NY 12457
(877) 688-2828
Five Stars
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Located on the grounds of the Emerson Resort and Spa, The Catamount is an ideal option for hotel guests seeking a stress free trip. Who wants to drive around searching for restaurants while on vacation?Not me!

Mike and I took advantage of being located walking distance from this restaurant, which is conveniently situated between Emerson's 2 lodging options (The Inn and The Lodge).

  • The Catamount Restaurant Restaurant Preview
  • The Catamount Restaurant Restaurant Preview
  • The Catamount Restaurant Restaurant Preview
  • The Catamount Restaurant Restaurant Preview


We ate dinner here on 2 separate occasions during our trip. The Catamount currently only serves dinner, although adding a light lunch menu would be great for future hotel guests.

Both nights were pretty consistent in term of food quality. I ordered Macaroni and Cheese the first night and soup, salad, and vegetable Quesadillas the following night. The Quesdillas were definitely the highlight, consisting of a winning combination of avocado, tomatoes, cheese, and black beans).

The only disappointment was the salad, which could have used darker lettuce and a few more vegetables thrown into the mix.

Mike enjoyed his Chicken Caesar wrap and his Fish and Chips entree, although he declares the wrap as the winner of the 2. Prices are reasonable; even a bit on the cheap side for a large resort.

The Catamount Sample Dinner Menu


Service was a bit slow on both nights, however, since we were on vacation and in no rush, we didn't mind. Both our waiters were friendly and professional.


You have the choice of dining inside with the rustic mountain design or outside on the deck overlooking Esopus Creek. We had the opportunity to try out both settings. The dining room features several nice touches such as a stone fireplace and elk antler lights. I enjoyed sitting outside even more! Those views of the creek can't be beat!

Even though the weather was pretty cool, I would still choose sitting outside any day! We had the whole deck to ourselves, which gave us the opportunity to enjoy a quiet dinner while listening to the gentle sounds of the creek.

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Final Remarks

I would recommend a visit to The Catamount to guests staying at Emerson Resort and Spa. You will find a cozy, relaxing atmosphere which fits in perfectly with the theme of the resort.

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