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Valley View Saloon

131 Route 100
West Dover, VT 05356
(802) 464-9422
Five Stars
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Valley View Saloon is a restaurant/bar in the Mt. Snow area. From the rustic looking exterior, it looks like you will be entering a rustic themed bar/restaurant, however, the experience once inside is far from that!


We did not order any food - we sat at the bar and had a few drinks. Based on what I saw from other customers, the food servings looked pretty big (but looking at the menu, the prices are pretty high).

The drinks were expensive for a small local bar. It was a Sunday night and they weren't doing many specials, which was unusual. Also, most bars I have gone to on St. Patrick's Day do green beer- not here! Two draft beers cost us $11, which was really overpriced based on the area and atmosphere.



The bartender wasn't rude nor friendly - he basically just took our order and didn't really say much else. He seemed more friendly with the locals than the tourists.


I really did not like this bar - in fact, it is probably one of the worst I have ever stepped into. We tried to finish our drinks quickly so that we could get out. It felt dirty, the tables were cramped together, there was no decor, and no theme whatsoever.

I really thought it would have some type of rustic/mountain theme being located in the Mt. Snow area. Also, the bar looks much larger from the outside. Also, how about doing green beers for St. Patrick's Day, putting up a few festive decorations, and offering some holiday specials?

Final Remarks

I would skip Valley View Saloon on your trip to West Dover. There are many better options in the area in terms of restaurants and bars. The overpriced menu, bland decor, and cramped space make this dud worth passing.

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