Restaurant Reivew

Panda Kitchen

3192 South 25th East
Idaho Falls, ID 83404
Five Stars
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Panda Kitchen is a local Chinese restaurant located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I only stopped in because I found a promotion on Cut Deals, a website which offers discounted deals for local restaurants and services. I am a fan of Chinese food and this is one of the only options in the area, so of course I jumped on the deal.


Unfortunately, the food was horrible. I ordered the vegetable fried rice and spring egg rolls. The spring egg rolls were on target with those found at other Chinese restaurants. However, the fried rice was not very appetizing. There were barely any vegetables in it and way too much egg. It was very bland tasting. I received a Cut Deal for $10 worth of food for $5. The fried rice was $8, which I felt was a bit steep. All of the entrees came with steamed white rice. Ham fried rice is $1 extra I did not feel like it was a good value because of the low quality of food. The lunch specials seem like they would be a smarter choice. Price Menu


The cashier was also our waitress, luckily we were the only customers so the service was pretty good. However, I asked if I could substitute vegetable fried rice for the ham fried rice and the waitress would not let me. This was disappointing being a vegetarian that I could not order a special because the rice couldn't be substituted.


I did not like the look or feel of this restaurant. There was no traditional Chinese decor. It was small and everything looked cheap. The specials were written on poster board with a sharpie marker. I have never been to a Chinese restaurant that has looked as bland as this one.

Final Remarks

Even though Panda Kitchen is one of the few Chinese restaurants in Idaho Falls, I still cannot recommend it due to the poor quality of food and cheap decor. I believe that you are better off saving your money and cooking Chinese at home over visiting this restaurant.