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TC's Family Restaurant

178 Rt 100 N
West Dover, VT 05356
Five Stars
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TC’s Family Restaurant is owned by the parents of Olympic Gold Medalist Kelly Clark, who won gold in the women's half pipe at the 2002 Winter Olympics. I thought it would be interesting to see some of the Olympic memorabilia in the restaurant while in town since I am a fan of watching the winter games. You can’t miss this restaurant while driving through the tiny town of West Dover.


I was surprised at the expensive menu prices. They were pretty high based on what you got (a plate of Chicken Parmesan was priced at $17 and this did not include any salad or soup, just a piece of garlic bread). My boyfriend enjoyed his entrée but not think it was worth the price. I just ordered a salad and a nacho and fries appetizer. I wasn’t impressed with the quality of anything.

Also, when we first arrived in the restaurant the waitress read off a list of about 10 different menu items that they were out of – one of the things they were out of was fish and chips which is what my boyfriend was going to order! Not having menu items available on a slow Monday night seemed strange to me.



The service was definitely mediocre at best. The waitress forgot our salsa and sour cream with the nachos and by the time we got them the cheese was already melted and dried out. I expect better service at these prices! We also heard people at the table behind us complaining about food mix ups and other problems.


The décor is filled with memorabilia from daughter Kelly Clark’s snowboarding career. You can see her Gold Medal and other awards adorning all the walls. The restaurant is very cozy, although the tables are so close you can barely pull your chair out without hitting the table behind you.

The fish tanks were nice to look at while waiting for your meal. There was a random Golden Retriever walking around the dining area (owners I am guessing?) which was a bit strange to me. Please turn the heat on! This restaurant was so cold that I had to keep my jacket and hat on the entire meal! Who wants to sit in a restaurant freezing the entire time?

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Final Remarks

If I ever find myself in West Dover again I would likely skip TC’s Family Restaurant. Overpriced meals served in a cold environment (both in terms of service and temperature) would not entice me to come back anytime soon.

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