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The Silo Restaurant at Mount Snow

324 Vermont 100
West Dover, VT 05356
(802) 464-2553
Five Stars
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Silo Restaurant was our choice for a few appetizers during a recent trip to West Dover. The restaurant was conveniently located next door to our inn, the Kitzhof Inn. We saw a big sign advertising a St. Patrick’s Day Party so decided to stop in for the festivities, along with a few appetizers.


We didn’t order much food – just a few appetizers. The nachos were pretty good although the cheese was a bit dried out, and I can’t stand nachos that do not have melted cheese. The nachos included the regular toppings like jalapenos, black olives, salsa, sour cream, and tomatoes. The onion rings were okay and a pretty big serving for the price. Menu prices were a bit on the high side for the entrees, but cheaper than other restaurants in the area.


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Service was slow especially for the slow night. It could have been because the waitress was alternating between serving a table on the bottom floor and ours on the top. However, it would have been nice to get some quicker drink refills and more personalized service.


We had a nice seat on the upper level, overlooking the bottom floor of the restaurant. The restaurant was nicely decked out for the holidays – plenty of green garland and lights. However, I was disappointed in the advertised party. There was barely anyone in the restaurant or bar area and the live music was not that good. We left earlier than we anticipated and did not have any drinks because of the lack of energy and people!

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Final Remarks

If I am ever in town again (which I don’t foresee in the future) I would not go back to this restaurant. I only stopped here because it was walking distance from my inn and it looked nice from the outside. I felt that the prices were a bit high especially considering the slow service and average food quality.

I am glad that we only wasted our money on a few appetizers as opposed to wasting more on the overpriced entrees! I definitely recommend skipping The Silo and heading somewhere else.

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