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The Italian Oasis

106 Main Street
Littleton, NH 03561
(603) 444-6995
Five Stars
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During our trip to White Mountains, we decided to check out The Italian Oasis after browsing through menus at our inn. The menu looked pretty big, Mike and I both like Italian, and they were supposed to be holding a trivia night. We figured why not try it out? Unfortunately, the restaurant fell short of our expectations in several departments including food, service, and atmosphere.


Mike ordered the chicken and broccoli Alfredo - he said it was pretty bad. In fact, he said that he could have gotten a better entree at The Olive Garden. The sauce was bad, the broccoli and chicken were basically nonexistent, and the portion size was just average for the high price.

I am surprised that they did not carry whole grain noodles. The pasta wasn't cheap either; $14 a plate and that did not include salad or soup. Lots of little extra charges here and there.

I ordered a bowl of butternut squash (soup of the day) and a side salad, because there wasn't much in terms of vegetarian meals. Also, I prefer to only eat whole grain noodles, therefore I was not about to pay $14 for white spaghetti.

The soup was horrible - big chunks of cheese, just really tasteless. The salad was just a basic salad, nothing special and they didn't even have Thousand Island dressing available as an option. Neither were worth the price.

They brought out bread and oil, but it was just basic white bread cut in much too tiny slices. They only brought out 4 tiny pieces of bread at a time and we waited at least 15 minutes for a refill.

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Service was possibly the slowest we have ever experienced. It took forever to get refills, for our entrees to arrive, and to get our check. The waiters were unprofessional and inexperienced. They did not offer any menu suggestions.


I expected this restaurant to be fancier. From the outside, it looks like it is situated in a fancy old house, however, upon arriving inside you find out that there are really 4 restaurants located in the same building. The restaurant was absolutely tiny. It felt cramped - I couldn't even move my arms without knocking over my water glass. There was not enough room on the tiny table to fit anything.

On another downside, it was a bit too kid friendly. I was expecting more of an elegant romantic Italian dinner atmosphere, not a bunch of screaming kids! The major disappointment of the night was trivia being cancelled (they said that it was cancelled due to the President's Day week holiday). We chose this restaurant mainly because of the trivia, so we were pretty dissatisfied.

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Final Remarks

The Italian Oasis offers substandard food at much too high a price. I would not waste your time at this restaurant (and you will waste a lot of time with how slow the service is). There are other Italian restaurants in town that are worth giving a try; you have nothing to lose and they can't be much worse than The Italian Oasis.

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