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Winter Storm Rocky

Wow another blizzard! Will the snow every end this year? It seems every area of the country has seen at least a heavy winter storm if not a blizzard. The heaviest blizzard conditions for today’s Winter Storm Rocky are supposed to hit the following areas: the Texas Panhandle, western and northern Oklahoma, southern and eastern Kansas, and into Missouri. Make sure to check the forecast if you are planning to head to any of these areas!  These areas are supposed to see 6-12 inches of snow and possibly up to 18! Snow is supposed to start today and continue on until Monday. We have already seen Winter Storm Nemo, Winter Storm Q and now Winter Storm Rocky. Which area will be hit next? Do you think this is going to be a long winter? Or will we still see an early spring despite all the major storms we have endured?


    • mudrock
    • March 24, 2013  at  8:22 PM

    I so glad that spring is here. I know that you guys up north have had rough times with winter storms and hurricanes last year. Spring has been great so far but has been raining almost everyday down here in the south.

    • dogbert784
    • March 20, 2013  at  11:35 AM

    The weather is always changing but this year has been crazy

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