Ice skating at Boston's Frog Pond

I love ice skating during the winter months. It is fun, cheap, and a great workout! I even own 2 pairs of my own skates! I always keep my skates in the car in case I find a rink while out. There are all different types of rinks – park district rinks, city rinks, or ponds turned into ice during the winter months. The city run rinks are usually better for beginners as they have barriers to hold on to in case you don’t want to let go. Take a look below at some of my favorite rinks!

Nestlenook Resort – Jackson, NH -My favorite out of all the rinks. The rink is huge, music is playing, and the background scenery of the White Mountains is amazing. The only negative is the high price of both admission and skates. Tip: If you are staying a hotel make sure to pick up a travel brochure (with a coupon for free admission for 2) and bring your own skates to avoid the hefty fee.

Nestlenook Farms Ice Rink

Heavenly Village Ice Rink – South Lake Tahoe, CA – A great smaller rink located in the Heavenly Village ski resort area of Lake Tahoe. I like this ice rink because it is easily accessible to plenty of other activities such as restaurants, shopping, skiing, hiking, and casinos. Nice music and lights add to the wintry atmosphere. Unfortunately, I never took a picture of this rink!

McCormick Tribune Ice Rink – Chicago, IL – I love this rink located in the Millennium Park area of downtown Chicago. I especially like to visit around the holidays because it is within walking distance of the annual Christmas tree. You can easily walk to shops, restaurants, and museums before or after. It’s also one of the few rinks with no admission fee! The only negative about this rink is the crowds. There is often a very long line just to get in. I recommend going on a weekday afternoon, if possible.

McCormick Tribune ice rink

Frog Pond Ice Rink – Boston, MA – This large rink in the Boston Common area has a perfect location with nice scenery in the background consisting of city views and trees. In the winter the trees are lit up beautifully. Bonus – the rink is within walking distance to plenty of coffee and tea shops if you want a hot drink after skating out in the cold. One downside to this rink is the high price of admission and rentals. Tip: On Tuesday nights, college students with an ID get $2 admission.

Frog Pond Ice Rink

Bank of America Skating Rink – Providence, RI – This has been the least crowded out of all the rinks. Ice skating is so much more fun when you don’t have to skate around too many crowds. This rink is priced around the same as the Boston rink, but you get the benefit of fewer people.

Providence Ice Rink

Have you been to any of these rinks? What was your experience; will you go back? Comment below with some of your favorite rinks!

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