Dixon Memorial Arch - Dixon, IL

Dixon, Illinois, a small town in Northwest Illinois, is most well known for being the hometown of President Ronald Reagan. In addition to the Reagan house, there are plenty of other historical attractions in town, including: the Memorial Arch, the Lincoln Memorial, and Veterans Memorial Park.

Scenic views of the Rock River at sunset in Dixon, IL

The scenic Rock River backdrop leads to plenty of recreation opportunities, including boating, fishing, and scenic walks. Check one of my favorite parks in town:

Lowell Park

Lowell Park bikeway in Dixon, IL
Trees at Lowell Park in Dixon, IL
Scenic overlook at Lowell Park in Dixon, IL
Lowell Park river views in Dixon, IL
Views of the Rock River from Lowell Park in Dixon, IL

There is a nice shaded, 3 mile biking/walking path which leads you down to the park. Make sure to stop at the scenic overlook for panoramic views. Boating, fishing, and scenic river views await you at the park.

Historical attractions

Lincoln Statue

This bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln acknowledges his service in the Black Hawk war. It is the only statue in existence where Lincoln is dressed in a military outfit.

Lincoln statue in Dixon, IL

Ronald Reagan’s Boyhood Home

Reagan house in Dixon, IL

Make sure to plan room for a tour of 40th President Ronald Reagan’s childhood residence. Even though he only lived here for 3 years, he came back to visit frequently over the years. The tour guide will take you through each room of the house and provide a brief history of the family along with some interesting stories. To read my full experience and see more pictures, take a look at my full post.

Ronald Reagan statue in Dixon, IL