Lodging Tips

51. Book a hotel around your desired activities, not based on price! If you are looking for a beach atmosphere – pay more to stay right on the beach. This means less driving/finding public transportation, better views, and being able to hop right outside the door to the beach. You will be much happier! The same goes for any other specific trip i.e. ski trip, rafting trip, etc.

52. Always check the brochures in the lobby of the hotel, both for activity ideas and money saving coupons!

53. Always consider purchasing a packaged deal i.e. one that includes daily breakfast, spa treatments, entertainment etc. If you are already planning on doing the activities in the package it may come out to a cheaper rate than purchasing each separately.

54. Book hotels and airfare well in advance to get the cheapest rates. Booking hotels and flights at least 14 days in advance usually yields the best prices.

55. Always check for included amenities. Make sure you are booking a hotel with what you need. Sites like Kayak and Hotels.com let you sort hotels by amenities.

56. Sign up for email deals from your intended hotel. You may receive a promo code for a discounted stay. Also sign up for the company’s Facebook page and follow on Twitter for additional deals.

57. Never leave anything valuable in your hotel room – it just isn’t worth the risk! I always take my laptop, camera, etc. out when leaving.

58. Book a hotel with a continental breakfast or a package deal that includes breakfast – trust me it saves time and frustration! If these 2 options aren’t available, opt for a hotel with an on-site restaurant; a bad breakfast experience can put a damper on the rest of your day. The convenience of an onsite breakfast can’t be ignored.

59. Look into hotels with free local area shuttles – this will help you get around without having to rent a car. Many hotels also offer complimentary airport shuttles, which is more convenient than taking a taxi or an expensive car rental.

60. Book a refundable hotel with no cancellation fees if there is any reason you may cancel your trip. Otherwise, go for the non-refundable rate which is often cheaper.

61. Bring with disinfecting wipes for your hotel room. Wipe down items most likely to carry germs such as the TV remote and light switches.

62. Consider renting a condo over a hotel; rates are much cheaper plus you get to enjoy the comforts of home.

63. Don’t be overly concerned with booking a fancy room, unless you plan in staying in the room your entire trip!

64. Skip room service – it is extremely overpriced and the food quality just isn’t the same. You could probably eat at a restaurant twice for the price you pay for room service. Plus, who wants to sit in the room all day?

65. Download a sleep sounds app. I like Relax and Sleep (free Android app). The soothing sounds will help you sleep better at the hotel even if it noisy! Many free apps are available.

66. Book through Hotwire to get cheaper rates. You will get a nicer hotel at a major discount with the only drawback being not knowing the name of the hotel. Also check into Priceline, where you can bid on hotels and airfare.

Dining Travel Tips

67. Make dinner reservations in advance. Try out the Open Table app to book your reservation and read reviews.

68. Lay off the sugary snacks and huge buffet style lunches. They tend to weigh you down and reduce your energy. Simple salads and soups give you more energy.

69. Try out new local restaurants over resorting to chains – what is the point of going on a trip if you are going to eat only at familiar predictable chains?

70. Check restaurants for happy hour and weekday deals.

71. Ask locals for recommendations on restaurants and activities in the area.

72. Ask the hotel concierge (if available) for recommendations on local activities and restaurants.

Attraction, Activities & Entertainment Tips

73. Check museums, zoos, and other cultural attractions for free days and special events.

74. Check for student, child, and senior discounts at any restaurant or attraction.

75. See if your destination has a Go City Card – a plan (available in select cities) which allows you to combine admission prices on tourist attractions.

76. Book major experiences/activities in advance to guarantee your spot.

77. If staying at a spa resort make sure to book your spa treatment in advance! I recently stayed at a spa resort and assumed they would have availability – better to book beforehand!

78. Check the Chamber of Commerce site of your destination city for monthly events.

79. Purchase theme park tickets in advance online – they are much cheaper online than at the gate.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips

80. Take plenty of photos – you can’t ever take too many. When you get home you can delete those that didn’t turn out!

81. If traveling as a couple/family, always ask someone to take your picture for you so you can all be in the picture. In my experience, most people are more than pleased to take your picture.

82. Travel green – Rehang up towels instead of getting new ones each day. You also have the option to refuse maid service for bedding. Recycle your water bottles.

83. Turn one of your trip photos into a piece of art. I always get plenty of compliments on my own photos. Canvas On Demand is a great company that I use personally.

84. Make a Shutterfly photo book after your trip to preserve all your memories!

Smart Travel Tips

85. Visit a travel blog frequently for updated travel advice, reviews, and recommendations.

86. Research reviews of hotels, restaurants and activities. If the majority of people despise a restaurant or attraction it’s probably worth skipping for a reason!

87. Visit a forum like City-Data to get real information and pictures about the destination. You can also ask questions and search for information about your destination.

Budget Travel Tips

88. Don’t waste too much money on too many souvenirs that will end up in the trash. Pick a standout unique souvenir that you can showcase all year.

89. Travel with family or another couple to split the costs. Splitting the cost of transportation, hotel, and food really adds up to huge savings!

90. Take public transportation or walk to get from point A to point B. It’s free. It’s exercise. And it’s a good way to explore the area you are in.

91. Plan picnics in nature areas – these are much cheaper and often a more enjoyable experience than any restaurant.

92. Incorporate fun nature activities into your trip like hiking, biking, rafting, swimming, etc. You won’t even feel like you are exercising! – I find these activities more fun than paid attractions!

93. Check Living Social Escapes for great vacation packages. You can conveniently search by geographic region or type in your desired destination.

94. Check Groupon Getaways for fantastic savings on resorts, cruises, and more. You can often save 50-90% off.

95. Consider a budget friendly and convenient all inclusive resort.

96. Consider trips to national parks areas; these trips are affordable and offer great exercise and photo opportunities.

97. Check for deals, both on hotel websites and internet sites like Kayak. Sometimes, I find the best deal on an internet site while other times there are better packages available on the hotel website. Do your research!

98. Consider driving as opposed to flying. It is much cheaper and also allows you to see parts of the country you may never get to see again.

99. Consider planning your trip during the off season; this means less tourists and more affordable rates.

100. Book a package deal through Expedia, Orbitz, or a similar site. On these sites you can book package deals that include flight + hotel + car, or any combination of the three for reduced rates.

There you have it 100 fantastic travel tips! Don’t forget to let us know how you are using these tips. Also be sure to share your favorite tips and tricks that were left off this list. We always look forward to hearing from our followers on here and our Facebook page.