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Winter Fun in Pittsburgh: 10 Things to Do & See

Most tourists visit Pittsburgh during the warm spring and summer months to take advantage of the many parks, scenic overlooks, sporting events, and annual events in the region. However, a winter visit offers the benefits of cooler temperatures, fewer crowds, and cheaper hotel rates. The abundance of museums and indoor attractions means there is still […]

The 10 Best Free Things to do in Pittsburgh

Most are familiar with Pittsburgh’s industrial history as a hub of coal mining and steel production. Today, the city is just as well-known for its’ professional sports teams, world-renowned Carnegie museums, and technological and medical innovation. While enjoying many of the top activities (cruises, sporting events, museums, restaurants) come with a high price tag, there […]

Attraction of the Week: The Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh

Although the “City of Bridges” is more well known for its’ beautiful architecture and famous Duquesne incline, Pittsburgh also is home to a number of world-class museums. Just 10 minutes from downtown lies the bustling Carnegie neighborhood, one of the more beautiful sections of the city. This area is named after Andrew Carnegie, an industrialist […]

Attraction of the Week: The Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh

The Museum of Natural History is one of 4 Carnegie Institute museums located in Pittsburgh. If you love dinosaurs, nature, wildlife, and history, then this is definitely the one to put near the top of your bucket list. The museum is most well known for its’ expansive dinosaur fossil collection, an impressive 1300+ piece mineral […]