Jamestown Island in Rhode Island

I took a trip out to Jamestown Rhode Island this weekend to look for sea glass. Jamestown is located on Conanicut Island about a ten minute drive from Newport. The island is connected by bridge and you have to pay a small toll to pass ($2). The views going over the bridge are magnificent!

Jamestown Bridge

Jamestown Island Bridge - Rhode Island

A hotspot for seaglass

Because of the area’s rich history, Jamestown seaglass is commonly found on Jamestown beaches. Most often, seaglass congregates along rocky coastlines which were former trash dump sites. The glass has had years to tumble along the rocky shore, and thus, has transformed into brilliant, smooth gem-like stones. I found several pieces of old blue sea glass, which was great! Cobalt blue sea glass is one of the most coveted colors as it is very rare. After checking several town beaches, I recommend checking by the ferry for the highest quality glass. The views among the island are beautiful, and I am sure much better in the summer months when the temps are warmer!

Jamestown Island Beach
Searching for seaglass

Check out some of my pictures from the island below!

Jamestown Island Beach
Jamestown Island Water Views

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