Root in Allston, Massachusetts

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to visit 2 vegan hotspots in Allston, a neighborhood on the west side of Boston. Allston is one of the best places in the city for vegan food with a number of enticing options. Mike and I visited Root (a vegan restaurant and juicery)  and FoMu (a vegan ice cream shop), both conveniently located on Cambridge St. in Allston. Update: Root is now closed.


Our first stop was Root, a casual cafe and juicery. The space inside is small, but the food is great. Plenty of fresh squeezed juice options are available, along with house-made lemonade and ice tea.

Juice bar menu at Root in Allston, Massachusetts

We decided to skip the drinks and head right over to the tempting food menu. After several minutes of debating, I finally decided on the Macrobowl and Mike chose the Torta.


Macrobowl at vegan restaurant Root in Allston, Massachusetts

I was satisfied with my chosen meal. This dish included quinoa, kale, chick peas, carrots, avocado, gochujang aioli, and citrus miso vinaigrette.


Torta at vegan restaurant Root in Allston, Massachusetts

Mike enjoyed his Torta, which included a combination of chili-limed beans, jalapeno, tomato and pickled onion served on a bun. The side of herb fries (parsley and herb olive oil) was delicious. I had to sneak in a few myself.

Even those with allergies and food intolerances will find it easy to choose a meal thanks to allergen guide (each menu item is marked according to allergens contained in the dish). In addition, gluten-free wraps are available.  Check out the full Root Menu.


Fomu vegan ice cream in Allston, MA

Update: The Allston FoMu location is closed. However, you can still visit 3 other cafes (Jamaica Plains, South end, Fenway).

After lunch, we walked just a few doors down over to FoMu, an all vegan ice cream shop. FoMu uses a coconut base for all their ice cream flavors. If you have never tried coconut based ice cream before, you are missing out! We ordered the chocolate flavor, and honestly could not tell the difference between this and regular dairy ice cream. If anything, it tasted even more creamy.

Vegan chocolate ice cream at FoMu in Allston, MA

Take a look below at the variety of flavors. Bonus – allergens clearly marked (gluten, soy).  There are plenty of flavors which do not include any allergens.

Vegan ice cream menu at FoMu in Allston, MA

FoMu is a great choice for anyone who is lactose intolerance, vegan, or simply prefers the taste of non-dairy dessert. How often do you find that?

I was very pleased with my experience at both Root and FoMu. I would recommend either as a healthy & delicious choice, not only for vegetarians and vegans, but anyone else seeking a healthier alternative.

Address: Root is located at 487 Cambridge St. FoMu is located at 481 Cambridge St. Both are located in Allston, Massachusetts, just a 10 minute drive from Boston.