Wildflour Vegan Bakery

Wildflour Vegan Bakery - Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Wow! What a great find! Wildflour Vegan Bakery, located just a short drive from Providence, serves delicious dairy and egg free desserts, pastries, and light snacks. Some of the treats are gluten-free as well. The rotating daily selection includes an assortment of breads, muffins, and pastries in the morning hours, and cookies, cakes, and other various treats in the evening hours.

The peanut butter brownies and raw cheesecake are the highlights of this Rhode Island specialty bakery. I especially recommend the cheesecake as it would be pretty rough to duplicate at home. It’s also one of the few items that is both gluten and soy free on the menu (most gluten-free items use a soy flour base).

Peanut butter brownie - Wildflour Vegan Bakery - Pawtucket, RI

Raw cheesecake at Wildflour Vegan Bakery - Pawtucket, RI

Wildflour offers a coffee bar, fresh squeezed juice drinks, and smoothies to compliment your snacks. In addition, a selection of pre-made lunch items, such as raw lasagna are available.

Wildflour is a great choice, not only for those following a vegan diet, but anyone else looking for delicious homemade treats!

Pawtucket is located about 10 minutes from Providence. Wildlfour is located at 727 East Avenue in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

 V Organic Cafe

V Organic Cafe - Upton, Massachusetts

V Organic Cafe, located in Worcester county, offers great tasting vegetarian and vegan fare in a cozy, comfortable setting. What sets V Organic Cafe apart from other vegan restaurants I have tried, is the friendly service, desirable rural location, and the tea-room style design.

Many vegetarian and vegan restaurants suffer tremendously in the design department. V Organic Cafe allows you to enjoy the same delicious meals, only in a more attractive setting.

Dining room of V Organic Cafe in Upton, MA

V Organic Cafe offers a variety of breakfast and lunch options, including: eggs, quiche, salads, soups, wraps, and quesadillas. Many gluten and dairy free substitutions are available, including Daiya cheese and gluten-free wraps.

Coffee and Upton Teas (a local loose leaf tea company) are also served. In addition, you can order a smoothie and specialty dessert. Smoothies use a non-dairy base and all sweets are vegan (although only some are gluten-free). On our visit, cupcakes and coconut and lemon macaroons were offered.

I recommend the Judy Chicago for lunch. This delicious sweet potato/black bean quesadilla is worth the visit alone. Soups vary on a daily basis. The lentil soup offered on my visit was excellent.

Judy Chicago at V Organic Cafe in Upton, MA

I would definitely return for another visit. The fantastic service combined with great affordable food and a lovely setting is hard to come by in the vegetarian/vegan world.

V Organic Cafe is located at 62 Main Street in Upton, Massachusetts.

 NU Cafe

NU Cafe in Worcester, Massachusetts

Although technically not a vegetarian restaurant, NU Cafe in Worcester, offers many choices for vegans, vegetarians, and those following a gluten free diet. Many of the ingredients are organic and all the coffee is fair trade and organic.

I tend to prefer to make my coffee at home because it is both cheaper and organic, however, every once in a while it is nice to enjoy a cup out, and NU Cafe enables me to enjoy a cup without worrying about drinking non-organic coffee.

Coffee at NU Cafe in Worcester, Massachusetts

Vegan lunch options include: Quinoa bowls, salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and fresh squeezed juiced drinks. Most items are easily customizable to be vegan by omitting the cheese. In addition, vegetarian options, both for breakfast and lunch are plentiful. Breakfast includes various pastries and egg dishes, including burrito bowls. My veggie wrap, served with a side of tortilla chips and a pickle, was great!

Veggie wrap at NU Cafe in Worcester, Massachusetts

The setting is comfortable with options for dining at a table or relaxing on one of the cozy couches. It’s a great place to get some work done without the hurried atmosphere of a typical coffee chain.

NU Cafe is located at 355 Chandler Street in Worcester,  Massachusetts.

Life Alive

Life Alive in Salem, Massachusetts

Life Alive, an organic cafe with 3 Massachusetts locations, offers fresh, organic dishes that everyone will enjoy, even non-vegetarians. The Salem location is the perfect choice after a day walking around town exploring and shopping. The convenient location on Essex Street makes it easily accessible.

On the menu, you will find a variety of tempting options including: veggie bowls, wraps, salads, and soups. In addition, you will have your choice amongst 20 different flavors of loose leaf tea, coffee, and dozens of smoothie and juiced drinks. Life Alive also serves the fantastic FoMu ice cream mentioned above.

On my visit, I ordered the fantastic “The Seductress” wrap. This tortilla featured a combination of veggies like broccoli, beets, and shredded carrots with Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids, Flax Oil, and nutritional yeast. The serving looks small, however, the veggies really fill you up. A great tasting wrap. I can’t wait to try out more!

Veggie wrap at Life Alive in Salem, Massachusetts

Life Alive is located at 281 Essex Street in Salem, Massachusetts.